The increase in the number of COVID-19 cases again has started to show its impact on the life of US citizens. Apple has decided to shut the doors of its New York stores to customers whereas around four college football games have been canceled so far. The holiday season has already been upended by the flight cancellations caused by a shortage of staff due to a spike in COVID cases.

According to a story covered by Barron’s, on Monday the number of positive COVID-19 cases has reached 1.44 million in the US as per the data shared by Johns Hopkins University. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that the quarantine period for new COVID patients should be reduced to five days – which was previously set for 14 days or two weeks approximately.

The situation is so uncertain in the New York City that no official announcement has been made by any company or institution regarding when they will go back to a normal routine. Apple also didn’t share any information about when it will reopen its stores in the city, however, the company has maintained in a statement that the stores “aren’t open for browsing or walkers by.”

According to Bloomberg, Apple customers can still place their orders online and pick up from the stores and the ban is only temporary. The company in a statement also mentioned that “We regularly monitor conditions and we will adjust our health measures to support the wellbeing of customers and employees.”

This move by Apple seems really wise considering the overall situation of the country. The number of cases is increasing due to the prevalence of the new variant Omicron, however, compared to its predecessors, this variant is causing fewer hospitalizations, and most of the people contracting it recover rather quickly. However, experts have warned that with its global tally on the rise with a lot of people still unvaccinated – this wave is going to be really harsh on the people.