Legendary country music icon Dolly Parton turns 76 today and the world is still in awe of her flawless beauty.

Dolly Parton is completely aware of how to keep her beauty as radiant as it was decades ago. She pampers herself and follows a beauty regimen that keeps her fresh and beautiful.

Dolly Parton has often stated that she loves to pamper herself and she follows a beauty regimen that doesn’t cost her an arm and a leg. In fact, her routine is under $20.

The Jolene singer spoke profusely about her glamming routine while promoting her new fragrance line “scent from above.” She stated that she “likes to use “old-timey” products “that are not all that expensive,” including Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser, Vaseline, Max Factor, Olay, and Maybelline – all of which were released in the 19th or 20th century and can be purchased at drug stores and budget-friendly retailers.”

“I’ve got shelves and drawers full of every new makeup going on, even the expensive ones,” she said. “But I still tend to go back to old faithfuls.”

The self-claimed “mountain girl” stated that she loves to enhance her beauty and looks with the help of household items such as matchsticks for eyeliner, flour as face powder, and even honeysuckle as a perfume

Parton had been known to endorse a signature look of hers for decades which included “larger than life blond wigs. Glitzy vibrant wardrobe and a face full of bright makeup.”

But those days are gone now and recently she has reverted back to a simpler and elegant look when it comes to making an appearance in public. She stated that she realized it is better if people say that “she’s overdone rather than she looks like hell.”

Dolly Parton stated that she prefers face cleansing and skin prepping in the morning and makes sure that she has taken her makeup off by the night.

Parton has been open about how many times she has undergone knives to enhance her beauty.

She once stated, “thanks to Botox and fillers, as well as the work that I’ve already had, my face pretty much maintains itself. If I see something sagging, bagging, or dragging, I’ll get it nipped, tucked, or sucked.”