Recently, crimes through social media have escalated in number. Each day a different kind of case comes on the front and authorities are concerned about how to control those in number.

Initially, it was very important to think of some effective action against the accused person. This is the first step towards the decline of cases that were increasing by each day.

As the threat increases in this major issue, the company ‘BusinessWire’ worked on this idea for a long time and have now finally initiated their points into a practical framework. The company has introduced alpha and beta testing for cyber security.

The company assures that it has stepped into a zone where they will try their best to get into the facts and realities as well as strategies that are used for attempting these crimes. Now that they are aware of the initial steps they are producing systems as per the seriousness of the issue.

This system helps the company to track the cases which will help it to analyze the increasing or decreasing rate. The network has been made as approachable as possible for using it in different sites.

This will provide a better insight into the roots and shoots of cybercrimes. Its wide coverage will make it more beneficial.

The system is named ‘Intrusion Shield’. The Shield not only protects the victims but provides full access to what information is being misused under the name of cybercrimes.

It is provided to the companies who have been facing the issue of mishaps with their data that caused measurable losses. The system comprises modified software and hardware which will make it easy for other business companies to use the shield.

Also, the shield uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the cybercriminals and to provide full protection with the victim companies.

However, some precautionary claims were given to prevent backlash. These statements include some unreliable points that might cause systems to reverse or loss. This system has been worked upon for a long time now, but some uncertainties remain.

The company hopes to satisfy the needs of those who are victimized, and supports the economy by helping those companies.