The Oxford Team is going to conduct lab-controlled trials on humans to test what they think might be a vaccine for the coronavirus. The process includes exposure of the virus to some humans and then trying different vaccines on them. The process will be lab-controlled, according to the Oxford Team.

The idea is not considered appropriate by many, because till now there is no vaccine that can treat the virus. In case of exposing people to viruses, anything could happen because there is no certainty that any vaccine would work.

This process of infecting humans with viruses is common all over the world but the coronavirus is a completely new virus with no cure as of yet.

The vaccine made by the Oxford Team has already been tested on various people with the coronavirus. In phase 1 of testing, a total of a thousand patients were tested only. The next phase will include a bigger number of patients from South Africa, Brazil, the US, and the UK.

Treating patients who are already affected by the virus with vaccines sounds nice, but injecting people with the virus can lead to adversity. However, scientists believe that the trial can be performed on the young, especially those in their twenties.

The director of Oxford University’s Jenner Institute, Professor Adrian Hill has said that the final phase of vaccine testing is on way.

The trial would be performed in a controlled way and about 10 people would be selected within a month for the trial. These will be done along with this phase testing in four countries and the team is hoping for the best.

Scientists say that for the people who are in their twenties, the risk of developing severe illness during the trial is very low.