Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of the sports events around the world have been affected. Sports fans have been very disappointed at the closing of all leagues including the Champions League that had to be played in the following year.

A recent event took place where the ongoing football event, Netherlands Eredivisie, was annulled due to the threats of the pandemic. Mark Rutte, the prime minister, called the tournament off on Friday.

He declared that all major or even small-scale events will be postponed until September. Hence, this declaration by the prime minister nudged the Dutch football association to call the event off until the given notice.

Moreover, a Dutch team playing in the competition, FC Utrecht had been very close in qualifying for a close spot in the competition. They stood six on the list and hence, were very disappointed to hear about the decision taken by the authorities.

The team has decided to take legal action. Frans Van Seumeren who is the owner of the team has declared in an interview on Friday that the team is overlooking the decision and is planning to take legal notice; they are hoping that this would help them overturn the decision taken by the authorities.

Utrecht is only a short step away from qualifying into the UEFA League.

Ajax, who was last year’s winner, was at the top of the table when the league was canceled. Next year, they will qualify for the champions’ league. Despite standing at the top, the Dutch team still has not been announced as the champions.

This league was the first league to be canceled. The Netherlands Eredivisie has been canceled for the year, but there is an impending threat for other leagues to follow its steps.

The second wave of Covid-19 is visible as a high number of cases are being reported daily once again. Until the pandemic has been contained or a vaccine develops, the continuation of sports events will be a little difficult.