As the pandemic continues, the predictions for a second wave have started to show. A special area had to be made for the patients with the virus, as the virus is easily transmitted from person to person.

Such was the case with Houston hospital; it got turned into a specialty unit for the patients. But as the cases are increasing per day, more like doubling, the capacity for the unit is running out.

According to a chief medical officer, he states that the number of patients in the last 3 weeks is more than what was about 10 weeks earlier.

The US center for disease control has issued a statement referring to the situation that about 12 states are being affected by this exponential rise in numbers.

As previously seen in the first wave, the biggest nightmare for the hospital officials was the exponential rise in patients.

They were afraid that their medical facilities will run out and exhaust their resources due to rise in Covid-19 patients. Thus, new coronavirus patients might not survive.

A similar pattern is repeating itself as the officials are transferring many patients to other hospitals for treatment. The rise being observed is due to the ease in lockdown around the country. As restaurants and schools have started to open up, the numbers have plummeted.

People have not been paying much attention to the SOPs. The officials are pleading with the general public to wear masks and try staying at home as much as possible.

States such as Texas and Florida are hot spots. According to research done by the CDC, the number of patients coming in each day is about 2000. The hospitals are almost functioning at full capacity.

The number of patients that the doctors have to treat in a single day is uncanny. Similarly, doctors such as Varon have been working for about 100 days consecutively.