Head coach of Inter Milan, Antonio Conte does not like to be compared with Jose Mourinho. However, Conte has converted Inter into a powerhouse. Inter Milan has not won any title for nine years now but Antonio Conte is impactful enough to cause a change now.

According to Ashley Young, Antonio has the mind of a winner. He hates to lose and has already demanded the same from his players. He wants them to have a winner’s mind. He’s a demanding man who also wants his players to put the effort into training.

However, Conte does not remain in one club for a long time. He was coach at Juventus for three years, the longest in his coaching career.

Previously, Conte had called out less investment in the players by Juventus and Chelsea as a reason why his team couldn’t move forward in the Champions League.

His words might be bitter for some but he does help in delivering results. Inter won against Getafe, Bayer Leverkusen, and Shakhtar Donetsk under Antonio’s leadership. The team also formed a record in Europa League.

Diego Godlin, the Uruguayan football player also had to work hard to reach Conte’s standards. He said that he had worked extremely hard and also learned from the coach. He said that he had to change his perspective over football and had to also change his mind about the game.

Conte has also made people change their perspective on Inter. They look at it differently now. The inter captain said that the team is now looking forward to bigger events. He hopes to win more significant leagues now.