An internal report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that the delta variant of coronavirus is way more contagious than initially anticipated.

The director of CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky acknowledged the authenticity of the report stating that the new delta variant is highly infectious and it spreads as fast as chickenpox, resulting in more severity than the parent strains.

She stated that “I think people need to understand that we’re not crying wolf here. This is serious. It’s one of the most transmissible viruses we know and it stands in the line with measles, chickenpox.” 

The CDC recommended bringing back the mask mandate and requested the vaccinated population to wear masks at all times; especially in indoor places which are crowded and the transmission of the virus is high.

Dr. Walensky stated that drastic measures need to be taken to curtail this new strain and bring it under control. The data on the report is not surprising for her as this has been the number one concern of medical practitioners across the globe.

The internal report of CDC states that the delta variant is as transmissible as chickenpox and it can infect at least eight or nine people on average at a time. Originally the infection transmission was to two three persons but this new variant is highly contagious and extremely transmissible.

The report confirmed that the delta variant is infecting the vaccinated population as much as it is to the unvaccinated people.

Vaccines reduce the risk of severe infection or death to a 10 fold but it still transmits to other people with the same intensity.

Coronavirus has started to surge again across the United States of America and on average more than 61,300 cases are being recorded on a daily basis. The number of positive cases is being reported from the region where the vaccination rate is low.

The Biden government is bracing itself to fight with this new challenge of curtailing delta variants and has announced new steps to vaccinate Americans which includes getting the government employees vaccinated by force or else they should be ready to face strict actions against them.

At the end of the report, CDC recommended a vaccine mandate along with mask requirement as the war has intensified against the lethal coronavirus. America needs to buckle up to fight against the novel coronavirus and understand the ferocity of the delta variant which is stepping into the lives of Americans, making the possibility of normalcy fade away once again.