Switch on the television or head to Netflix or look for numerous available programs. Then search for a TV show that does not ridicule religion, demean conventional family ideals, attack conservative leaders, or have overt anti-American themes. You should know the outcome: they are scarce.

The silver screen, apparently, has devolved into a sole forum for the promotion of left-wing ideologies and the condemnation of all else. It is unlikely for a conservative in the twenty-first century to locate a program they can see, admire, and identify with politically. However, do not despair, as I have taken care of it for you!

Here is a compilation of five conservative TV shows that are, in my view, the most conservative on television. Many of them adhere to the promotion of or adherence to conventional Judeo-Christian principles, promotion of or adherence to conservative values, and absence of an overt progressive agenda—and it will be obvious to say that these shows are also tremendously amusing.

1Person of Interest

Not only was Person of Interest one of the most overlooked series on network television, but it is the most conservative TV show ever produced.

Person of Interest is a television series created by Jonathan Nolan. It follows a retired agent hired by a smart billionaire visionary to act as a vigilante on the streets of New York, preventing crimes before they occur. The show is far from a formulaic procedural; each season has an overall plotline that guarantees each episode concludes on a cliffhanger, leading to exciting season finales.

It’s also packed with action, with Caviezel’s ex-CIA character flaunting his massive array of weapons, machine guns, rocket launchers, and semi-automatics, as well as taking part in some outstanding hand-to-hand fighting scenes. Cops are depicted positively, always able to step beyond and above the call of duty and even breaking strict laws to guarantee that the bad guys are apprehended. The show delves into a variety of daily subjects, including passion, affection, commitment, morals, and sacrifice, as well as historical ones, including the ethics of mass surveillance and vigilantism.

In May 2012, Person of Interest aired an episode ‘No Good Deed,’ in which a teenage National Security Agency employee named Henry Peck uncovers the US government’s mass monitoring of its civilians and reveals sensitive details to the public. He then flees to avoid being assassinated by government assassins. Exactly after 13 months, a real-life NSA employee learned that the US government was mass monitoring its people and revealed the details to the world. Edward Snowden was his word. Isn’t that strange?

What more is a big government capable of? Or are you simply anticipating the most pro-gun broadcast on television since 24? You won’t be able to ever see the universe the same way again after seeing Person of Interest!

2The Man in the High Castle

We often hear liberals disparage Western culture and America, as though they wish they did not exist in their current form. The Man in the High Castle exemplifies how such an America will appear.

The show has been set in an alternative reality in which the Axis Powers won World War II and occupied much of North America. The show depicts what such an America would look like, and let me advise you, for a brief moment, it resembles any liberal’s fantasy world. The ordinary man is prohibited from possessing firearms, religion has been eliminated and substituted with loyalty to either the Fuhrer or the Emperor of Japan, the mass media promotes the government’s narrative, and healthcare is owned by the government, with physicians acting as informants, reporting on and euthanizing any patient deemed ‘unfit’ by the Reich. Language is controlled, and dissenters are imprisoned or executed at the ruling elite’s whims. Let us only say that it is not the optimal environment for any human being who enjoys personal liberty.

The Man in the High Castle is a thought-provoking television show about optimism, trust, and the power of human will while contrasted with an authoritarian government. It contains several scenes that will make you scream, chuckle, and weep.

Any conservative should watch The Man in the High Castle in order to be horrified about what could have happened and to be glad for what it is now.


If there was ever a contest to determine which network television program is the most philosophical and religious, Lost would easily win. I will continue by arguing that if there were a battle for the most conservative TV shows on television, Lost would unquestionably rank in the top five.

To begin, there is the plotline: a group of refugees from a plane crash must navigate a treacherous island while learning to live with different responsibilities. And there are theological elements, which have a God vs Satan story centered on Jacob and the Man in Black. And then there are the democratic characters: Republican James Sawyer Ford, a firearms lover, an opponent of collectivism, and an all-around rough man. John Locke/Jeremy Bentham is a ‘man of faith’ who is an expert on knives and truly believes in miracles. Mr. Eko is a former cocaine addict who now wears a Scripture-covered stick and assists in the construction of a church on the island. Additionally, interesting topics such as the objectivity of facts and morality, the probability of miracles, the nature of the divine, and leading a happy life are explored.

Many believe Lost to be the greatest television show of our generation due to its stellar ensemble, incredibly talented writing staff, and unique premise. Although it is not at the top of my list of conservative television programs, I believe it represents conservative principles rather than every other group of values, which is why I believe it is a show that any conservative should watch.

4Last Man Standing

Are you sick of Friends’ constant sexual innuendo, How I Met Your Mother’s crudeness or Modern Family’s absurd leftist narrative? Or are you searching for a comedy to enjoy with your whole family, including your children? If all of these questions apply to you, Last Man Standing is the best option for you.

Last Man Standing is set in Denver, Colorado, and follows the Baxter family: Mike Baxter (portrayed by Tim Allen), a “man’s man” who is a devout Republican and hardware store executive, his wife, Vanessa, and their three children. Mike is depicted as a conventional father who enjoys his weapons, traditional values, and America. Despite this, he is a very likable character. Baxter’s wife and children lean more to the left (perhaps except for his youngest daughter, Eve, who also shares his love for guns). This ideological divergence within the same household is the subject of many political debates, For instance, his conversation regarding political correctness in colleges with his daughter or this amusing sequence concerning Hillary Clinton. There are also many indirect and overt jabs at Obama, the Clintons, and the left in general, which makes it the ideal comedy for conservatives to enjoy.

Unsurprisingly, ABC suddenly canceled Last Man Standing, despite the show being one of the network’s most successful and highest-rated. The network gave some reasons, but Tim Allen believes the show was canceled due to his character’s political beliefs.

Tim Allen said that the show was canceled due to the fact that the guy was a likable guy, a principled guy, all about job and ethics. In a recent interview, he said that he believes that nothing is more dangerous than a likable conservative character.

If anything, this could serve as an additional excuse for conservatives to tune in and watch this episode. After all, something that provokes the regressive left is certain to be amusing.


24 is an obvious choice for the top spot on this chart.

After 9/11, America finds its savior in Jack Bauer, a bold agent for the Los Angeles Counter Terrorism Unit. Bauer is a hero who is willing to go to any length to ensure the safety of his people, including torturing the bad guys before eliciting the necessary information from them. Away from college, he was a family guy, doing all he could to protect his daughter after the death of his wife (spoiler alert).

The show’s early popularity was mostly attributed to the show’s groundbreaking real-time storytelling, brilliant action scenes, unapologetic representation of terrorist organizations as the embodiment of bad, and a realistic depiction of a character’s unwavering allegiance to his nation. The show’s producer was a Reagan admirer himself.

Although the show received widespread critical acclaim during its existence, the first four seasons are especially conservative in their outlook. Radical Islamic extremism was perceived as a significant danger, weapons were often utilized by the good guys to shoot down the bad guys, law enforcement was portrayed as a force for good, Jack Bauer had no qualms about injuring jihadists in order to get everything he needed from them, retribution was meted out to the bad guys, and American ideals prevailed for all that was just and worth battling for. It’s unsurprising that Dick Cheney and many other Bush administration officials were big fans.

Political correctness arrived at that point and, as it does in all else, moved the show to the left. Following the intervention of CAIR and other minority groups, the show was pressured to issue a politically correct clarification, Bauer’s characterization was toned down, and the show seemed to take a few swings at conservatives, like making the main character that looked and acted uncannily like Richard Nixon. The episodes are not bad, but they fall short of the quality of the first four seasons.

Nonetheless, something about the ticking clock, the sound of gunshots, and hearing Kiefer Sutherland scream, “DAMMIT!” sends our adrenaline and blood rushing. 24 was, is, and still will be my generation’s biggest conservative show.

These are the five shows that I believe any conservative can watch at least once in their lives. Are there any other series that you believe could be included yet aren’t? Do let us know.