Politics has become the pinnacle of comedy and conservative memes are at the forefront of it. There are too many avenues to consider, every policy and law of each party can be criticised to the point of roasting them. The current political climate has become so fragile that anything can become a meme. The difference of opinions among different political parties are never-ending, and so is the meme-able content.

If you are a conservative who cares too deeply about American values, this piece is for you. And for those that can find humour in many places, this might work for you too. Democrats might have the snarky humour of the younger generation that leans heavily on leftist politics, but Republicans are not far behind. This article will prove that for you:

The confusing one

Starting with a classic Obama vs. Trump one to set things right. Things were still competitive between the two parties before Obama became president but they were not as mainstream as social media made it in the years following his leadership.

And there cannot be anything more mainstream conservative as our former president, twice acquitted in an impeachment case, Donald Trump. The above meme is funny for everyone because conservatives are not known for giving women a higher platform. Yet, you use what you can to insult your opponent.

The call-out

This one’s a clear call out. It is all ‘accept difference of opinion’ until the difference is against your opinion. But which side does it apply to? This is where jokes can get ambiguously all relative.

Getting educated

For all The Office fans, Jim Halpert has something to say to you. One of the most common disagreements between the right and left of American politics is between who has a better understanding of economics. The leftists claim that Republicans tend to manipulate and exaggerate facts to make things what they are not. Meanwhile, Republicans are direct, their argument is clear, which is you do not understand economics, that’s it. What is a bigger insult to a government officer than to accuse them of not knowing what they are supposed to be doing?

Doing the most

Some arguments just do not need to be made, but that is the reason politics is called dirty. Sometimes politicians oppose things they are in favour of for the sake of opposing the other party.

Accepting all opinions

If you are a conservative Republican you are probably missing the previous four years. Now apparently everything is free speech until they cancel you.


This one can be controversial, as it is pretty fresh with the new mask laws in outdoor situations. But luckily the CDC recently lifted the restrictions making a large number of freedom-seeking Americans very happy.

Regardless, it just is not funny when it happens to you, is it?

The duality of businesses

Another reason for Republicans to love big businesses. The above situation is apparently the irony that occurs when businesses try to lure the liberal crowd with their marketing but their core system operations are very traditional in itself. You can scream all about the spectrum of gender but if your system only allows documentation of the gender in binary, you never cared about it from the start.

“You’re doing amazing sweetie”

Another for our current president, as he deserves some appreciation for not destroying the economy yet.

The one that is loved by leftists and far-right ones alike

For those not aware, that is Ellen DeGeneres in the picture along with Donald Trump. A prominent lesbian Television personality, hosting the Ellen DeGeneres show since 2003. Well, the joke is obvious, and there has to be some retribution when the liberal media has been calling Trump the orange man, Cheeto and what not for ages.

No such thing as free lunch

Ending it with Bernie Sanders and his constant advocacy to make everything free and everyone earn equal pay regardless of the effort and time they put in their work.