Jackie Speier, the renowned congresswoman, and a seasoned democrat state that the increasing political violence in America is very personal to her.

Jackie Speier served Leo Ryan as a staffer before becoming a House of Representatives member in 2009. She described that on a voyage to Guyana she joined Leo Ryan in order to investigate the Jonestown settlement. She was gunned down four times yet survived the attack but Leo Ryan and four others lost their lives.

This is the core reason why she acted abruptly when one of the Republicans shared a threatening video related to the president as well as another member of the house.

The Democratic congresswoman wanted to censure Paul Gosar and also tweeted an anime video of Paul Gosar killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well as attacking President Joe Biden.

The censure resolution was victoriously passed from the House last week with the vote of 223 to 207.

The censure resolution received lots of criticism from fellow Republicans. The minority leader, Kevin McCarthy called it “abuse of power” by the Democrats.

All three House Republicans voted against the censure resolution.

“It’s very clear that, if you are silent about a member of Congress wanting to murder another member of Congress, even in a “cartoon”, you are inciting violence. And if you incite violence, it begets violence,” stated Jackie Speier in an interview.

She further stated “that’s why I felt so strongly that we had to draw the red line. This has got to be a red line. And obviously, my colleagues agreed, and we passed the resolution.”

Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who has been around the House of Representatives for decades now, announced her retirement last week. She exclaimed “I love this institution. It’s such a privilege to serve. We’re given the opportunity to fashion legislation to make lives better for the American people. and that’s what we should be doing.”

Jackie Speier condoned the actions of Paul Gosar and said that it is “yet another example of women becoming the subject of attacks – physical attacks, psychological attacks – women of color in politics even more.”