Small businesses have been affected greatly during this pandemic and they are completely reliant on the government relief funds. Congress is still deciding on whether to give the grants or not, however Washington state has given a grant of $50 million.

Small businesses are suffering as the coronavirus cases are increasing in the country once again. The increasing cases indicate that the country is going to see another lockdown soon.

This news is going to have a drastic impact on the small businesses as they will shut down again. Therefore, many small businesses are eyeing Congress to decide on the relief funds as soon as possible.

Businesses are in desperate need of another relief fund to support them in this pandemic. The help from Washington under their relief program is only going to benefit the people of the state.

Other states are still looking towards Congress to decide about countrywide relief funds to support the small businesses. Members of Congress know that the people are struggling and are unable to make ends meet due to the lockdown.

If the relief funds are not given soon to the small businesses, they are going to shut down. Small businesses are a haven for the people who are looking for inexperienced jobs and they lack formal education as well.

If these smaller firms go out of business, many inexperienced and uneducated people will lose their jobs as a result. The economy will not be able to support such people, since they lack formal education to support themselves.

Small businesses are an important factor in an economy because it means that America is a land of opportunities. Many larger firms operating in America started on a very small scale and increase their capacity over years.

If these small businesses are not able to sustain themselves during this pandemic, they will ultimately fail. It is necessary to save these businesses to save millions of jobs in America.

Working Washington Small Business Grants is a small-scale relief program for the people living in the state. They are supporting small businesses to survive this pandemic and flourish afterward.