After a shooting at a music venue in Eugene, Oregon, six individuals were sent to the hospital.

Multiple bullets were fired outside WOW Hall, the place where Zay Bang and Lil Bean were playing, at 9:29 p.m. on Friday. Eugene Police and a number of other law enforcement organizations, as well as Eugene Springfield Fire Department, were on the scene to assist.

At a news conference early Saturday, Chief Chris Skinner, from Eugene Police Department,  reported that one of the six people wounded was in serious condition.

Police are yet to know whether the shooting was targeted or random, however, Skinner said it was “one of the highest profile shootings we’ve had in the city of Eugene.”

At this point, there have been no recorded deaths.

Skinner added that police are searching for a single suspect, a person in a hoodie, he was last seen racing away from the area in a westbound direction. Even though he said the suspect is unlikely to be armed and violent, the sheriff said he doesn’t feel the neighborhood faces a greater risk.

“You may have heard that there was a shooting outside the WOW Hall tonight at the ‘Lil Bean + Zay Bang’* concert,” Jaci Guerena, WOW Hall’s Board Chair, and Deb Maher, Interim Executive Director, said in a statement on their website.“There is not much information currently available however we heard gunshots in the back parking lot. The motives are not yet known. We do know that some people were injured, but we do not know the extent of the injuries, and we do not want to speculate.”

Until further notice, all courses at WOW Hall have been canceled, according to the announcement.

“We at the WOW Hall want to thank all first responders who came so quickly to ensure everyone’s safety and administer first aid. We believe all staff and volunteers are safe and accounted for. This is unprecedented at the WOW Hall. The police are investigating. If we receive additional information, we will try to make it available,” Guerena and Maher added.