A birthday party in Colorado Springs ended in a bloodbath after a man allegedly opened fire; killing seven people and injuring many others.

The incident took place in the residential area of Preakness Way in Canterbury Mobile home park around 12:18 am. According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, a report of the shooting was made approximately around 12:20 am and was responded to immediately. As the officers arrived at the crime scene, six adults had died already while a man was transported to the nearest hospital with critical injuries. He succumbed to death in the hospital.

The suspected killer; a boyfriend of one of the female victims killed himself after shooting at the attendees of the party who were all family, friends, and children. The children were all uninjured and are currently with the relatives.

The party was a celebration of the birthdays of Melvin Perez who would’ve turned 31 in the following week along with sister Nubia Marques, 28, and their mother, Joana Cruz; who would’ve turned 54 in the upcoming days. Unfortunately, both Joana Cruz and Melvin Perez died in the shootout.

The suspected shooter was identified as the boyfriend of Sandra Ibarra; who was also killed in the incident.

The incident shook the entire state as it is the worst mass shooting incident since March 22, when a gunman opened fire at Boulder supermarket, killing as many as 10 people.

The Chief of Colorado Springs Police released an official statement saying that everyone who is investigating is shaken to the core by this deadly incident of a mass shootout. Words fall short in describing this tragic incident that took place in Colorado Springs. This is something you hope never happens in your community yet these types of unspeakable acts are happening across the country and getting momentum as well. He vowed to investigate the case with great details and offered his deepest condolences to all the people mourning the tragic death of their loved ones.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers called out the shooting incident as a senseless act of violence and offered his condolences to the grieving family and friends.

Governor Jared Polis of Colorado called the incident “devastating” and condoled the mourners while expressing his grief that such an incident happened when the world was celebrating mothers’ day.

The Colorado Springs Department of Violent Crime Unit is investigating the shooting incident. The motive behind the deadly shooting is still unknown.