A Colorado based police officer who accidentally shot a man will not face any criminal charges. The said police officer was hailed as a hero as he stopped a gunman who was on the verge of shooting other police officers after killing a veteran policeman.

A prosecutor announced in Denver, Colorado that the police officer who mistakenly killed another man will not be facing any criminal charges against him.

According to the reports, Johnny Hurley was shopping in the suburban Denver area when Ronald Troyke shot and killed a policeman, Gordon Beesley. Hurley, who was nearby, rushed to the crime scene and shot Ronald Troyke with his handgun. He also took possession of an AR-style rifle.

An investigation team determined that Hurley was later shot by three different on-duty policemen who heard multiple gunshots and reached the crime scene.

All the policemen had no connection with Gordon Beesley who was a veteran of the police department as well as a school resource officer, who was shot dead by Ronald Troyke dressed in black.

Judicial District Attorney Alexis King released an official statement in a press conference stating that all three police officers went into different directions in order to locate the man in black who had shot officer Beesley.

The District Attorney Alexis King was all praises for officer Hurley who intervened quickly and stopped Troyke from conducting an ambush over other policemen. A letter was found from Troyke in which he had declared that he intended to kill ‘as many police officers as possible.’

King stated, “he acted to defend others and we will remember him for his selflessness.”

Hurley’s mother stated that she imagined a lot of people being angry at her son when the situation was doubtful and he was considered as an ally of the original killer.

She released a statement via her lawyers saying “I would ask that instead of acting out on your anger, that you use that energy to be the change you wish to see in the world. Engage in meaningful conversations that might make a difference in how we all may move forward together.”

The Colorado Police Department was all praises for the policeman who saved many policemen from dying a painful death. It released a statement that said, “This incident illustrates the nearly unfathomable decisions society asks our police officers to make as they go about their everyday work.”