While some of the states including Florida are going towards a continuous decline in the COVID-19 cases, there are still some states which are still fighting with the COVID-19 war and Colorado is one of those states.

The officials of the state are highly considerate about the increasing rate of infectious disease since the hospitalization rate is constantly increasing. The health officials of the state are also of the opinion that they haven’t observed such an increasing rate in more than 10 months tracing from last December.

There is “a clear increase in cases statewide,” state according to epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy said in a COVID-19 briefing on Thursday.

In the last month alone, the COVID-19 daily case average has nearly doubled having an increasing rate of 91.5% since September, as per the federal data received and according to the state data, it shows that Colorado’s average positive case rate has increased by 7% last week and 8.5% this week which is an alarming number.

“Colorado moving in the wrong direction is a clear signal that we are not yet out of this pandemic, especially in under-vaccinated states. Colorado has yet to reach 70% with a first dose and if you layer in colder temperatures and relaxed masking, history is likely to repeat itself,” said John Brownstein, an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital.

However, there are particular southern states which are mainly observing a significant decline in their COVID-19 cases rate having colder temperatures, like Colorado, which are beginning to experience an upsurge in the cases. Thankfully, the people have realized the importance of remaining indoors which could be a good sign for the state.

“Coronaviruses tend to thrive in winter months and colder weather,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said in a White House COVID-19 briefing last week. “Right now is not the time, as cases are coming down, to become complacent because we do know colder weather is ahead of us.”

Not only, Colorado, but there are also other states including New Hampshire, Alaska, Maine, and New Mexico who have seen an uptick in hospital admission at an estimated rate of 15% or maybe more in just the last two weeks.

“We are continuing to move very much in the wrong direction,” Scott Bookman, Colorado’s COVID-19 chief, said at a briefing on Wednesday.

“With the increase in the percent of positivity and the concern of increase in cases in the coming weeks, we are all very concerned at this point about what we are seeing in our hospitals,” said Bookman.