After high school, it is implied that you continue your education by enrolling in a college. While not everyone proceeds to that step, it seems like the most common scenario, not surprisingly, as it unlocks several employment opportunities.

If it’s your first year in college and you haven’t planned a party yet, how have you been surviving? Like, literally, who spends college years without throwing a crazy college dorm party?! After back-to-back assignments, exams and presentations, students definitely need a break, and throwing a cool dorm party is the best thing students can do for themselves to unwind.

That said, organizing a college dorm party is more than big legwork. You need to plan beforehand so that you just cross-check on the day that everything is aligned with your plan. Do you know the worst problem with us while planning a party? We run out of ideas! Yes, whenever we try to plan something, our brain feels like it has stopped doing its job. However, to save you from that, we have come up with college dorm party decorations and food ideas.

How to plan a College Dorm Party?

Considering you are doing it for the first time, there are a whole lot of tasks that you need to get done before the celebration/party day. Let’s start with the most important thing.

Step 1 – Food – What should be on the menu?

Food is like the soul of a party. People can forget how the decor was, but they won’t forget the taste they had at your party. So, good food is definitely required to make a party hit.

If you have a mini-fridge, then things can get much easier. Try using those leftovers or order a pizza from outside. Noodles could be another good option, but we are afraid it may exceed your set budget.

Step 2: Room – Dorm room size and guests

Though we know it’s just a college dorm party and nothing formal, we used the word ‘guests’ so that you get the full-fledge party feels.

When organizing a college room dorm party, you need to consider the size of your room. Obviously, you cannot stuff everyone if you have a small space. If you think your guest list is big, consider going for an apartment, as they are usually more spacious than dorm rooms.

Step 3: Drinks – Alcohol, soft drinks, or beer

Be it a soft drink or alcohol, college dorm parties are incomplete without drinks. If you want to add a little spice to your dorm party, bring alcohol. Just do as we say and you will find yourself the star of the night.

We would suggest setting 1-2 beer pongs for a small party at the dorm if you plan to get drunk. Just make sure you don’t exceed the safe consumption limit, so you don’t end up with a bad headache the next day.

Step 4: Decor – College dorm party decorations

Another major task while organizing a party is to decide on decor. You need to have a creative friend by your side for this task.

The decoration is a vast topic and greatly depends on budget and the room’s size. For basic decor, you can go for neon lights, peel and stick wallpaper, paper lanterns, photo walls, speakers etc. Most of these things you can easily get from Amazon. On the flip side, if you want to go for a proper theme party, check out our following suggestions.

12 mind-blowing ideas for college dorm party

1. Retro Party

Take a step back in time and throw a retro party. Choose an era, for instance, the 90s, 70s or 60s and decor your dorm room accordingly. That said, the 60s and 70s are considered the best eras for crazy clothing, disco dancing and groovy music. If not, that then just add some boom boxes to get the 90s era feel.

2. Rock N’ Roll

Throw a rock n’ roll party and live your dreams of becoming your favorite artist. Dress as Katy Perry or Rihanna, maybe, for those few hours or just wear a heavy winged eye-liner and blow-up guitars, and you are in sync.

3. Masquerade

Masquerade parties never go old. Don a formal attire and put on a sultry mask. Only tuxedos, gowns, and Hip-Hop music are allowed. We bet nobody on earth would hate this idea. Walking through the door wearing a mask and teasing the crowd is fun.

4. Slumber Party

If you are all girls, you can definitely think about having a slumber party. Watch a scary movie, do mani-pedis, cook fancy popcorns, order pizza or something, sounds soothing, no? And yes, don’t forget to wear your cutest pjs.

5. Dynamic Duos

The opposite option to a slumber party. Make sure your guests come with a partner (could be anyone, a boyfriend, or just a friend) wearing matching outfits or anything that identifies them as partners.

6. Anything But Human

It sounds crazy but believes us, it is going to be the coolest party you have ever had. Allow everyone to dress up as their favorite fictional or mythical creature, even if it’s an animal.

7. Meme

How can we forget about memes that keep us entertained all day long? Ask everyone to dress up as their favorite memes and see how the party turns into a laughter house.

8. Vegas

College dorm party ideas are a bit limited due to space and dorm restrictions, though, you can make your own little Las Vegas in the room by playing poker and acting drunk all night.

9. Graffiti Party

If you want to keep it minimal and decent, you can opt for this idea. Just ask your guests to wear a white shirt and come with a handout marker or even paint to make it messier. They can use that for writing anything all over each other.

10. Superhero Shindig

What’s better than getting to dress up as your favorite superhero and re-live that childhood costume party memories? Dress as Daredevil. Who knows, you might find your Cat woman there.

11. Netflix Show Characters

We know how much you secretly adore Rachel from friends, well now you are getting a chance to dress like that iconic personality from Friends. Just ask everyone that it’s a Netflix theme party and let others determine who they have replicated.

12. Blacklight

Ditch your regular party lights for black bulbs, grab a highlighter, and start doodling on everyone’s clothes.

Budget – What should be your Budget?

Even though college dorm parties won’t cost much as they are usually organized in small dorm rooms, you should set a budget not to overspend. Mind that alcohol and premium food would get a bit expensive and may strain your budget.

Tip: You can save big if you order canned or ready-to-make food from grocery stores rather than ordering from a restaurant.

Wrap Up

You can make a college dorm room party the most fun-filled night ever or the worst, depending on your budget and creativity. We have attended the coolest parties organized for just $100. So yes, when there is a will, there is a way!