CNN boss Jeff Zucker has found an icky spot and after countless tries, he is still unable to come out of it. Scandals one after another have been surrounding the news network and problems continue to grow as the parent company of CNN plans to merge with Discovery in 2022.

The million-dollar question is – will this highly anticipated merger result in the exit of Jeff Zucker from the news media company?

“Jeff isn’t the supreme ruler anymore as was made clear when they made him fire Cuomo. He’s become a liability with his embarrassing defense of liberal activists like Cuomo, Don Lemon, and Jim Acosta,” a longtime media industry executive stated.

The past 12 months have been excruciatingly toilsome for Jeff Zucker as he continuously faced one scandal after another.

Zucker reportedly confessed that he plans to move out once his contract expires by the end of 2021.

“I’m going to stay and finish my current contract, which, as I said, will keep me here until the end of this year. At that point, I do expect to move on,” he said on a call with CNN employees, according to The New York Times.

Many insiders predict that Zucker is here to stay and he will not be going anywhere.

WarnerMedia, the parent company of CNN, announced that the merger with Discovery will be led by Discovery CEO David Zaslav who is a longtime friend of Jeff Zucker.

Zaslav and Zucker both belong to the same social circle and have “sprawling estates” side by side in the posh area of Hampton, New York.

“Zucker may now have the chance to work for one of his closest pals in business and in life, a golf buddy and confidant who the CNN president once said was ‘the best friend that anyone could ever want, and I’m lucky that he’s mine.’”

The friendship is often referred to as “Bromance”

Enough said, 2021 has turned out to be a disastrous year for Jeff Zucker plagued with scandals and controversies amidst the struggle of the network in terms of ratings and completion, let’s see what the future beholds for him!