After commenting on Michelle Young’s appearance on Twitter, Clay Harbor Apologized to everyone he may have hurt unintentionally.

After tweeting about Michelle Young’s appearance, franchise alum, Clay Harbor, has understood that even a simple remark (more like a compliment) on someone can cause controversy on social media.

 The 34-year-old alumni of The Bachelorette offered to clarify his tweet, which was based on the concept of women’s looks ranking and involved Michelle Young, who is now the current Bachelorette.

On Wed, Nov 3, Clay Harbor posted, “Guys, when I said ‘controversial opinion Michelle is the most beautiful bachelorette’ I meant no disrespect.”

 “The controversial part is bc there have been so many beautiful women in that spot. (18 I think). I was just trying to [compliment]. Apologies if you were offended,” added the former NFL player.

After the Bachelorette’s new season went on air on Nov 2, the Bachelor in Paradise star, Clay, took to Twitter and posted a tweet appraising the schoolteacher and called her “the most beautiful Bachelorette the show has ever featured”.

When a netizen replied to Clay’s tweet asking for an apology from anyone who got offended by his tweet, Clay respondent,” ‘You’re beautiful’ used to be a compliment.” The former athlete also used a weary face emoticon in his reply.

Michelle rose to fame after the Matt James’ The Bachelor season, released at the beginning of this year. The season finished at Michelle when the bachelor proposed to Rachael Kirkconnell, by giving her a rose.

Michelle has not yet responded to Clay Harbor’s tweet. Though, the star did discuss the recent drama that the season saw in the episode, released on Nov 2.

In an alleged reference to Skaar’s comments criticizing Michelle for “treating the show like spring break,” Michelle tweeted, “What can I say…teachers truly do love Spring Break.”

The Bachelorette hits Tv screens at 8:00 pm on Tue, on ABC.