Having missed Captain America, Chris Evans has recently been in the limelight. However, excitement attached to this news was short-lived as the paparazzi caught him spending the night with Lily James in a pleasant London Hotel.

Does the man behind the superhero role have a new girlfriend? Has he left his previous girlfriend?

According to Daily Mail, the British Newspaper, the 31-year-old Lily James was seen in a new red dress and gabardine coat, heading towards the hotel where Evans was staying. The two had shared the taxi and had spent the previous hours in a private compound with memberships from where they left around 1 a.m. on Saturday.

For the past many days, there had been rumors that James was trying hard and had put his efforts into regaining his relationship. However, the picture evidence now presented by the British media seems to indicate an entirely different story.

Although Lily and Chris had arrived in the same vehicle, they got off separately. Evans had to wait for a hotel official in a mask to open the door for him while, James, with the difference of a few minutes, got out of the taxi and headed towards the place of their stay.