From a mere rarity to an absolute necessity, cell phones have come a long way. In the digital era of today, we can’t possibly fathom our existence without a cellphone in our hand. No matter how much of a need for a cell phone may be, the bills that make their way to our homes aren’t very pleasant.

However, you can try to look on the bright side of things. In this case, these exorbitant cell phone plans may just include a bunch of value-added benefits and services that’ll help you save money. Hence, try to choose a cell phone plan that can help you in getting an array of different services free of cost.

Currently, several mobile service providers are providing a number of your favorite applications like Netflix, Spotify, and HBO for free. All you have to do is sign up for a plan and you will have the best apps on your screens in no time.

So, are you intrigued by the idea of having such a plan? If you are, just peruse these services that offer additional value and choose the cell phone plan of your choice.

Here are some of the best picks from our collection:


If you are to choose a cell phone plan for Sprint, you will gain access to Hulu for free. What a catch!

Priced at $ 60 per month, Sprint Unlimited offers a plan full of great benefits. By taking up this offer, you will be able to gain access to a full version of Hulu, a 500 MB LTE mobile hotspot, and countless other perks.

The Best Part

When you choose this particular plan, you will get an unlimited data cost. There are three levels to this plan and regardless of the level you choose, the ad-supported versions of Hulu will be made available to you. Resultantly, you will be able to stream and binge-watch your favorite shows from channels such as ABC, TLC, Discovery, and more. There are several original movies and tv classics on the channel, which can end up becoming your weekend watch.

2Metro by T Mobile

This plan is a complete steal; from cost to services, Metro’s cell phone plan will only add value to their lives.

Priced at $60 per month, you get numerous services, such as 15 GB of hotspot data and100 GB of Google one storage.

The Best Part

You get Amazon Prime as part of the package. What more does one need? With Metro’s Unlimited high-speed plan, not only will you gain access to a channel full of good shows, but also at a cost like no other. To choose the cell phone plan of Metro is a step towards success; you won’t have to pay the annual fee of Amazon Prime, but you can avail yourself of all advantages without cost. These benefits come in the form of a diverse range of TV shows and movies, free-of-cost shipping, Prime Reading, and more.

3 T-Mobile

Buying the T-Mobile plan is an investment worth much more than just the cost price. Your dream to stream Netflix free of cost can be fulfilled if you pick this cell phone plan.

That’s right! At $35, the Magenta Plan gives you many value-added services that range from 4G smartphone data to 3GB of mobile hotspot data. Along with this, you will gain access to the Netflix and Quibi subscriptions.

The Best Part

Customers who choose the Magenta Plan or a plan of a higher level will get a Netflix subscription without cost, along with the standard wireless plan. If you choose the cell phone plan of Magenta, you will be able to watch movies and shows spanning across different genres on your screen. Doesn’t that sound great?

Thus, these were some of the best cell phone plans that can add value to your life. If you think you are allocating a large sum of your salary to mobile expenses, try exploring these options. Having a phone is costly, but these cell phone plans may just make it all worth it.