China puts the central city of Yuzhou under a strict lockdown after three Covid-19 cases were reported.

According to different news outlets, this is the second city to be placed under lockdown as China tries to achieve the “Zero Covid” milestone before the Winter Olympics.

According to the reports, Yuzhou, which is a city of 1.2 million people, will be confined in their homes under lockdown after three cases were reported.

The official announced that non-essential businesses will be closed, public transport will remain suspended and almost all the vehicles will be banned from coming on roads.

According to the new rules, guards will be placed outside buildings and residential blocks, and communities to ensure that the new covid-19 measures are strictly followed.

Yuzhou becomes the second city of China to be placed under massively strict lockdown as the country is struggling to combat the worst possible outbreak of covid-19 since its initial days in 2020.

Xi’an is termed as the epicenter of the current outbreak in China. It is home to more than 13 million people and is enduring one of the strictest lockdowns in history since December 2021.

The strict living conditions under lockdown have led to growing frustration and outrage from the locals as it becomes overly difficult for the residents to get their hands-on essential supplies and food items.

China will be hosting the Winter Olympics in February. The country is determined to achieve its commitment of “Zero Covid” before the start of the mega event.

Even the officials are determined to make the country covid free before the event, to be on the safe side they still have sealed the Olympic site into a “bubble” in order to isolate the event from the rest of the country.

China is trying to isolate its infected cities to pursuit “Zero Covid” with the help of like-minded countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia which have started to open up while learning to live with this new normal of life – a life that will always have coronavirus and it would not be eradicated completely from the face of the earth.