Two Chicago police officers got injured on Monday during a shooting episode at an attempted traffic stop after the suspects shot one and hit the second cop with their vehicle, stated authorities.

“A Chicago police officer and another man were shot, while a second officer was struck by a car during a traffic stop Monday night on the city’s West Side,” WTTW (Chicago PBS) Tweeted.

The shooting incident happened roughly around 9:15 p.m. on Monday in the 3000 block of West Polk Street located on the West side of the city, Fox News reported.

The authorities detailed the incident saying, two of the police officials were approaching the suspects whom they asked to pull over for a traffic stop, when the suspect driver rammed the car into one officer and pinned his leg between two vehicles.

Two of the suspects in the vehicle began shooting at the officers, per the police. One of the officers was hit on the pinky finger by the gunshot.

The officers returned fire at the suspects at this point and struck one of them due to which he was driven to Mt. Sinai Hospital for serious injuries. The police took the other one into custody.

Both officials are currently in stable condition and did not suffer life threatening injuries, reported Chicago police Superintendent David Brown.

“There is no such thing as a ‘routine’ traffic stop,” Brown stated, “Our two injured officers tonight like every Chicago Police Officer dedicate and risk their lives to protect the residents of our city.”

Brown continued by saying that over the past few years the incidents of police officers being shot have increased by 500%.

“38 Chicago police officers have been shot at in 2021.

11 of those officers were struck by gunfire.

29-year-old Chicago Police Officer Ella French was the first female officer fatally shot on the job in Chicago in 33 years.

The war on the men and women in blue must end,” US Congress candidate, Catalina Lauf Tweeted.

“It is the most dangerous time to be a police officer in this country, where offenders are brazen, not only against our residents with these violent crimes but not hesitant at all to fire upon officers,” said the top cop of Chicago state. Currently, investigators are looking into the case and seeking further information.