Chicago is still under siege by irresponsible and underage shooters. Another round of deadly shootings in the Downtown Chicago area left 2 dead and 8 others injured.

According to the Chicago police, the shooting episode took place approximately at 10:40 pm local time near the Magnificent Mile shopping area.

Tom Ahern, Chicago police spokesperson said that it took place in the 800 blocks located at North State Street.

This is the prime shopping district and is a very busy area at all times.

Police have arrested a suspect and taken him into custody. A gun was also recovered from his possession. The condition of the victims and the injured is not released by the police initially but later it was stated that a woman and two men are being treated for serious life-threatening injuries.

The video shows a nearby McDonald’s restaurant which has sustained massive damages because of the shooting episode. Multiple windows were shot out.

“There’s blood from this end to this end,” community activist Andrew Holmes stated. “But there’s plenty of cameras here.”

The community activist also stated that police should investigate in grave detail and determine what was the reason for this chaotic shooting incident in such a bust district. The shooting was captured by multiple cameras situated in the area.

Witnesses stated that soon after the shooting, the scene turned into chaos when a fistfight broke down between people on the spot while the paramedics and police were trying to treat the victims.

One of the witnesses claimed that the incident started when a large group of people got into a humongous fight right outside the McDonald’s restaurant. In the meantime, a car pulled up and someone inside the car started firing shots which hit multiple people. This was not confirmed by the Chicago police.

The shooting episode showcased how miserably the law-enforcement forces are failing to combat the rising crime rate in Chicago. The shooting incidents are at an all-time high and with the rapidly surging number of shooting cases, the police and other law enforcement agencies seem to be helpless in front of these shooters.

This shooting incident comes just after a week when a 16-year-old teenager was shot and killed at the iconic “Bean” sculpture in the infamous Millennium Park. Another underage 17-year-old boy was charged with the murder of the boy. There has been a curfew imposed by the mayor Lori Lightfoot on the minors in the city of Chicago to counteract the continuously escalating violent episodes. This incident took place just after a day of announcement of the curfew on minors to combat the growing crime incidents of fatal shootings, carjackings, and robberies across the city.