Chicago could not escape the harrowing shadows of violence as the bloody long holiday weekend painted the city red with 7 deaths and 54 other shootings.

As the long weekend kicked off on Friday, within the first 20 hours 22 people were injured by gunfire out of which 4 succumbed to death.

The police remained on their toes all over the weekend with violent encounters taking place at regular intervals.

The Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown literally begged the parents across the city to look over their children and take responsibility for their children.

“There’s no reason why everyone can’t enjoy the holiday and every event safely. Parents, please, please know where your children are,” he said. “Don’t leave them to the government to be the parents of your kids. We need you, parents, please, to help us make sure your young people are safe.”

The crowd went wild in a celebration rally when they attacked the cars of police with blunt objects and fireworks as authorities responded to various reports of cars going bonkers at the nearby intersection of the Loop area.

The medical staff has reported that a lot of victims of the gunshots might not survive and the number of deaths may increase because of the severity of their injuries.

 A 90-year-old man who was shot in the abdomen and is being treated in the Mount Sinai hospital might not survive, said the hospital representatives.

The youngest victim of the ruthless firing episodes was a 10-year-old child who was brutally wounded in his bedroom as a gunman opened fire at the house. The boy was rushed to the hospital and is said to be doing well.

The other victims of the shooting episodes were aged between 24 to 35 years. A 24-year-old woman died as she came in between the cross-firing of two gunmen who also killed a 35-year-old man while attacking a car.

The Police seemed to be helpless at the hands of these goons who continue to spread terror across the city. As the mayor and police superintendent try to practice new measures to control gun violence, the citizens of Chicago remain at the mercy of these weapon owners.