Chicago continues to have violent weekends as 43 people were shot during the weekend leaving 6 dead.

According to Chicago Police, a 3 years old boy was also wounded in the deadly shooting episodes. There were 35 different shooting cases reported across the city over the weekend.

As the United States of America continues to fight against the rapidly increasing shooting episodes across the country, Chicago has been one of the most adversely affected cities.

The law enforcement agencies of the city have started working on new strategies in order to combat the surging cases of shootings such as cracking down the illegal weapons by directly swarming at the dealers of the firearms in the city.

The police patrolling has also been increased in the areas where there has been a spike in shooting incidents. So far, nothing has been working to curb the growing violence in the city.

According to the police, in one of the earliest incidents that took place on Sunday, five people were shot by two alleged gunmen who escaped in a Silver Sedan after opening fire on a group of people gathered across the street. The five individuals injured were aged between 18 to 47. The gunmen fled from the crime scene.

Another mass shooting incident took place in the neighborhood of Austin in northwest Chicago around 3 am. The victims are said to be critically injured and have been admitted to the hospital. No arrest was made in connection with the mass shooting.

In another incident on the south side of the city, a tow truck driver was fatally shot while he was providing service to the customer at the side. The tow truck driver who later succumbed to his injuries was 27 years old. He died at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

In a separate incident on the west side of the city, 2 men aged 29 and 34 lost their lives to fatal gunshots while they were walking on Lawndale street. Police are in search of a red vehicle that had possibly opened fire and shot the 2 young men dead.

According to the Police Department Crime Statistics, 2490 people have lost their lives in Chicago by gunshot this year, which is an increase of 9% from last year. Chicago also recorded 558 homicide cases which is a 3% increase since last year.