Separate violent episodes in Chicago left 3 dead and 11 wounded here on Wednesday.

The dead included 2 teenage boys in separate episodes dying of gunshots.

According to the police, Javion Ivy, one of the deceased, was shot in front of the 2200 block of West Adams Street. He was shot in the abdomen and was pronounced dead on arrival at the stronger hospital.

Another boy died in the 1400 block in Englewood across 73rd street when someone in a passing car opened up fire at him. Unfortunately, the stray bullet hit him on his head and he died in comer children’s hospital.

A woman also lost her life in Chicago on Wednesday night in the Englewood area. The 29 years old woman was sitting in a parked car when two people came close by and opened fire at her approximately at 7 pm. She was immediately transferred to the University of Chicago medical center where she was pronounced dead.

According to the law enforcement agencies, a shooting incident in the parkway left four people wounded approximately at 11:40 am. It is reported that a group of young men was talking on the sidewalk across the 6300 block of south king drive when a person wearing a red suit approached the group and opened fire. A woman and man were struck with a bullet and were immediately transferred to the University of Chicago medical center and are said to be doing fairly well.

Three other people were injured in the Little Village area on the southwest side of Chicago. The shooting incident took place around 2 pm where a dark-colored car pulled and opened fire. All three victims from this shooting episode were transferred to the Mount Sinai hospital and are said to be in good condition.

Three other people also got wounded in different shooting incidents across Chicago. Five people were shot on Tuesday from which one lost his life.