Spring break is the most ideal time of the year to go on a vacation. After escaping the tough routine of winter, everyone starts searching for some cheap places for spring break destinations to travel to and enjoy the upcoming spring break.

There are a lot of wonderful cheap places to go for spring break in the United States to visit at cheap rates. When it comes to selecting a few spots out of such a wide range of choices, it is a way more difficult thing than it seems to be. Here, we have selected some of the major cheap places you can travel to during your spring break.

Los Angeles

If you are a festival lover, then Los Angeles, California, is among the best vacation destinations for you. LA is famous for its festivals in the spring season. In March, the color festival is celebrated in LA.

New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana, is one of the places which are overflowed by tourists in springs. If you like roaming around the streets, enjoying street music, eating street foods, and watching the sites, then New Orleans is waiting for you.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is becoming the best spring break destinations to be visited in springs. You can enjoy a lot of performances by famous music bands such as The Chainsmokers, and go for food tours as well as hangouts in bars.


Honolulu, Hawaii has all in it. Not only the flights to Hawaii are affordable, but you can also satisfy your artistic mood, watch historical places, go to beaches, do the shopping, and eat in famous restaurants.

Washington D.C.

Washington has a lot of historic places to visit. People with artistic mood can travel to Washington to go through various art galleries and museums. The beauty of the pink, cherry trees would bless your sight in the spring season.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida has beautiful beach views and fairly warm weather in spring. Along with beach hangouts in the day, you can also enjoy night parties in the spring season. The wide shoreline offers you tons of tourist activities at cheap rates.

Miami Beach

The Miami beaches are clogged with college kids in spring break. There are tons of music festivals in March and April, including Ultra Music Festival and Miami Music Week. In short, Miami is the best place for youth to travel during spring break.


Galveston in Gulf Coast, Texas is relatively less expensive than other destination spots. You can explore art galleries and museums. Fishing and watching birds flying on the beach is such a beautiful scene. You can enjoy Park Moody Gardens at a relatively cheap cost.

Ashville, California

Ashville is the place for art lovers. It is most famous for its historic scenes and architecture. Basilica of Saint Lawrence with a dome-shaped top catches the tourist’s attention. It is the home of various major American novelists including Thomas Wolfe. Spending your spring break in Asheville won’t cost you expensively.

The Grand Canyon

If you like adventures and love to live close to nature, then you can travel to The Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon National Park is a fairly cheap park to visit. It is one of the most studied landscapes in the world. The Colorado River attracts the adventurists.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South California is famous for restaurants and bars near the beach. There are tons of shopping areas. Ripley’s Aquarium is the most attractive spot on Myrtle Beach. It has the country’s tallest Ferris wheel. Myrtle Beach is famous for its golf fields as well.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the destination spot for students to visit during universities’ spring break season. It has tons of hotels, bars, shopping centers, and restaurants on its large beachfront. The white sand, blue water, and perfect weather make it an ideal vacation destination.

Salt Lake City

Hiking in the mountains near Salt Lake City is fun. Salt Lake is the most popular county amongst the tourists. The headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS is also located in Salt Lake City.

San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico attracts tourists with its colorful Spanish buildings and famous historical landmarks. The beachfront has tons of restaurants, bars, casinos, and shopping points to hang out at night. Spring weather is the most suitable weather to visit San Juan.