Four months after Charlbi Dean’s demise, the circumstances surrounding her death have been investigated and determined.

According to People, the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner came to the conclusion that the South African actress passed away from bacterial sepsis, which was caused by “a complication from asplenia” ultimately brought on by “remote blunt trauma to her torso.”

On December 21, a spokeswoman for the coroner’s office informed the outlet that sepsis was induced when Charlbi Dean was infected with a bacteria known as Capnocytophaga. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that humans may get Capnocytophaga from dogs and cats via bites, scratches, licks, and other forms of intimate contact with the animals. People who suffer from autoimmune conditions and do not have spleens are at an increased risk of contracting these infections.

It has been determined that an accident contributed to the death of the Black Lightning star, although it is not known if an animal bite or lick caused the illness that led to her death. The results of her complete autopsy have not been made public by the medical examiner.

Charlbi Dean was 32 years old when she passed away on August 29 in New York City. A representative for the actress at the time confirmed to NBC News that she had passed away as a result of “an unexpected sudden illness,” but no additional information was released at the time.

In the past, her brother Alex Jacobs has said to Rolling Stone that Dean had a “very, very bad car accident” in the year 2009, which resulted in the removal of her spleen by medical professionals. In addition to that, he said that his sister had suffered a fractured back and broken ribs as a result of the tragedy.

“[The spleen is] involved in fighting off infections, and that could have had something to do with what happened,” Jacobs said on Aug. 31. “Her spleen not being there just added on to the reason why she perhaps couldn’t fight it off.”

Jacobs also described his sister’s last day of life, adding that Dean had begun to feel “minor” symptoms before requesting her fiancé, Luke Volker, to take her to an emergency hospital. Luke Volker had driven her there where she died a few hours later. Her brother told the outlet, “This happened literally within the span of a day: getting a headache, going to sleep, waking up her boyfriend and saying please take me to the hospital.”