Haiti airport witnessed chaotic and angry scenes as the place was engulfed by the migrants deported from the United States of America.

Deported migrants were seen throwing shoes and abusing at Haiti airport during the deportation process from the Texas border through airplanes.

The United States had observed a sudden surge in migrants at the Texas border after President Biden announced that the immigrants would not be vaccinated at the border. A sudden influx of migrants at the border overwhelmed the border patrol and other relevant agencies.

Almost 13,000 immigrants camped under the bridge of Del Rio in Texas to Ciudad Acuna in Mexico in the hope of crossing the border into the soil of the United States of America.

According to reports, chaos began at the Toussaint L’Ouverture airport when a deported man tried to re-board the airplane. The crew of the aircraft quickly closed the doors of the jet before he could barge inside.

Videos went viral on social media in which people were seen throwing their personal belongings from their bags at the airport.

Many of the migrants were unaware that they were returning to their native country which fueled the anguish among them.

The deportation of immigrants was heavily criticized by NGOs and other agencies. Partners in Health, an agency that has been working for the upheaval of Haiti from the back-to-back natural disasters, showed their disappointment over sending the people back to the country. It stated, “during a challenging and dangerous period for Haiti, it is unthinkably cruel to send men, women, and children back to what many of them do not even call ‘home’ anymore.”

According to reports, around 4000 people were deported back to Haiti or were in the process of deportation, waiting at the processing centers. The migrants were made to wait in the makeshift camps in the scorching heat of 99 Fahrenheit. Border Patrol officials have been exhausted and overwhelmed in order to provide food and other basic supplies to the immigrants.