Hilary Duff

She tested positive for the Delta Strain in August just after she had started filming for How I Met Your Father by Hulu’s.

According to her, the symptoms of COVID include severe headache and she ceased to have any smell or taste. She experienced pressure in the sinuses. However, she says that she is delighted to have been vaccinated.

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa says that even after being vaccinated she got contracted with the Covid-19, which is indeed contagious. This was shared by the actress in one of her Instagram videos in August. She complained of Chest pain and breathing issues. She suspects that one of her children has contracted the virus too and wishes others to remain safe.

Melissa has urged everyone to take care of their family and their children.


Though he did not expose the date of his COVID diagnosis, his battle with the contagious disease resulted in an effect on his hair growth. Upon asking about his hair cut by a fan, he stated it to be an adverse effect of the COVID.

DJ Khaled

Khaled has stated that he and his family recovered from the coronavirus and are healthy now. He stated this in August 2021 in one of his Insta posts. He was thankful for the recovery from the virus. The DJ and his wife Nicole Tuck have two kids, Asahd, and Aalam, although he did not specify which family members were afflicted with coronavirus. He expressed gratitude to his family and physicians and sent a message to admirers.

Reba McEntire and Rex Linn

Reba says that it is indeed something that is not enjoyable and is not pleasant at all. The artist said this in an August TikTok video. The duo warned people that the virus is highly contagious and even after getting vaccinated, they got contracted to COVID. Reba and Rex urged everyone to take care of themselves to the fullest.

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn along with her four children test positive for COVID-19 in August. This all happened after the family had returned from their family vacation from the Dominican Republic this month.

Catt Sadler

The television star said in an interview that she had tested positive for coronavirus even though she has had all the vaccinations. She asserted that the Delta strain is extremely infectious and contagious. She also mentioned that as a result of contracting the virus she had headache, temperature and severe congestion.