As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus is known to transmit via drops of sneezes or other particles present in the air that is inhaled by people.

Particles called aerosols are emitted when a person is contaminated by COVID coughs, sneezes, or breathes into the air, these particles can then enter the uninfected person’s lungs, nose, and airways. Indoor places with inadequate facilitation of air, the chances of getting affected increases.

CDC recently announced that this is the primary way coronavirus is transmitted from one individual to another. There are a growing consensus and proof that these particles can stay in the air and hence inhaled by uninfected people unless a distance of six feet is maintained amongst each individual. Furthermore, it is also advised to cover your mouth and nose with the help of a mask to avoid the spread of the virus.

A considerable amount of research has been carried out on the virus that has taken around 200,000 lives around the world and how does it transmit. However, there was no new advice on how to defend against airborne transmission in the revised two-page clarification.

The federal health agency recently described that the virus is easily transmitted if people are closer than 6ft with each other and this happens through the direct thrust of the particles let out by infected people.

CDC also mentioned that the virus can even spread by touching any of the infected objects which are then breathed into the body through your nose, airways, or mouth. Hence, wearing gloves or washing your hands regularly can help you avoid getting affected.

It has been noticed that the new recommendation on the website of the CDC has been stated as Friday’s update. Hence, CDC has made significant changes in its recommendations which are not made into announcements.