The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention formally announced that Pfizer/BioNtech’s vaccine for Covid-19 is safe to be administered to children in the age group of 5 to 11.

According to the reports, the administration of vaccines will be starting in the coming week however a recent poll result suggested that the majority of the parents are still reluctant to get their children vaccinated for the Covid-19.

Recent stats stated that almost 28 million children across America become eligible to get themselves vaccinated falling under the age bracket of 5 to 11 after the announcement by the Biden administration.

The administration will start rolling vaccine doses to the states within this week so that the vaccination process can start by next week and can be conducted in full throttle.

It is alarming to note that different poll results suggested that almost 30% of American parents are unwilling to get their children vaccinated for Covid-19.  According to the reports, the biggest reason for hesitancy among parents is that they fear any kind of long-term effects on their children or some kind of serious side effects on their children after the vaccine administration.

Even though there are no shreds of evidence to support these concerns, the majority of parents are concerned about fertility or any kind of health issues that might arise in their child in the later stage of life.

The polls suggested that another 33% of parents are divided between getting their children vaccinated or not therefore they have left it on the flow and have adopted the approach of “wait and see.”

The poll results suggest that the Biden administration needs to work on the trust issues of the parents before starting the Covid-19 vaccine administration drive. The hesitancy in the parents is a fruit of the large spread reluctance in adult Americans to get themselves vaccinated.

Experts and medical personnel are continuously supporting the Covid-19 vaccine on being totally safe and effective alongside protecting a person from getting severely ill or hospitalized.