Nev Schulman made it to the news with his generous move at the Denver Airport. He tipped a waitress more than 15 times the amount of his actual bill of payment.

This gesture was highlighted by the media as the server was being granted a generous tip by Schulman. She was grateful for this gesture and was confused about what might have been the reason behind it.

Schulman is known for his show called ‘Catfish’ and his generosity speaks volumes for his real-life as well. His act of kindness changed a lot for the server at Smashburger.

Zulia Reyes, who was pregnant, came across Nev at a restaurant at Denver Airport. She returned to work as the normal routine return to the United States slowly after lockdown due to Coronavirus.

She had to guess to make sure that she is waitressing Nev. She confirmed it from her colleagues as well.

Nev tipped the lady and also signed the napkin for her but left unsure if she had gotten the tip. It is common in the restaurants that the tips are collected and then pooled.

But to his joy, not only that Reyes received the tip, but she had already shared the pictures of it on her social media network. It caught the eye of the people across the United States and was shared multiple times.

He tipped her because she was due on the same day as his birthday. He shared this by signing the napkin and wishing her well with the date mentioned on it.

Reyes was going through a rough patch in her life as her husband has been out of work because of the COVID-19 situation. She also had just joined her job to make the ends meet.

She was grateful that now she can afford the necessary things for her new-born. She was looking forward to purchasing multiple things for her child.