Casey Affleck – Brother of Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck missed his wedding with Jennifer Lopez, which has given rise to suspicions that not everything is alright in the Affleck camp.

Casey Affleck chose not to attend the second wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Georgia and was spotted just hours before the main event on the other side of the united states of America.

Casey Affleck was spotted in Los Angeles while coming out of Starbucks on the morning of the event day.

He was asked by the photographer what he was doing here and why isn’t attending his brother’s much-hyped wedding to which he muttered something like “I have other things”.

Casey did not make any remarks about his brother’s wedding or why he was not attending it and shut the door and drove away.

According to the sources, Casey Affleck could not attend the big wedding in Georgia because he had “family, parental obligations at home.”

The actor has 2 sons, 18-year-old Indiana and 14-year-old Atticus from his former wife summer phoenix.

Casey Affleck was spotted in a dining restaurant two days prior to the wedding with his now girlfriend Caylee Cowan and avoided the question regarding whether he will be attending Jennifer and Ben’s wedding or not.

Contrary to the rumors, the Academy award winner welcomed his new sister-in-law into the family with his whole heart. He posted a throwback picture of himself with a couple of moments – his brother Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez with the caption “good things are worth waiting for.”

“Here is to twists and turns, new beginnings, and finding new reservoirs of old love. Welcome to the family. Get ready for some real dysfunction! Kidding. I am kidding.”

“Jen, you are a gem,” he further added. “We love you so much!!!” Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had an illustrious ceremony at Affleck’s estate in Riceboro, Georgia after the couple reportedly got married in Las Vegas this July, after ending their first engagement about 19-year-ago