In 1948, the Duchess of Windsor sported the very first made three-dimensional Panthère jeweled brooch. It was a very daring statement made by the Duchess as only actresses or courtesans had worn such kinds of animal jewelry up until the 1940s, not the royal women. The smart Duchess of Windsor was well aware of the self-expression message this jewelry conveyed and made a very famous public statement. She also bought six more of the Panthère pieces. Other divas who got inspired by her and embraced the beautiful Panthère pieces were Maria Felix, Princess Nina Aga Khan, Barbara Hutton, and Daisy Fellowes.

In the post-war era, this feline jewelry symbolized how women gained constitutional freedom, they rejected the past social restrictions and moved towards a new liberating era. Cartier’s director of style, heritage, and image, Pierre Rainero, said that the Panthère jewelry is an independence sign. It is like a paradox. Panthère is feminine, precious, and also a wild creature which can prove to be frightening when needed.

This signature line of statement jewelry has an amazing broad appeal and staying power. Cartier’s Panthère stands out to be extremely unique as it attracts all generations of men and women. The beautiful Cartier’s Panthère jewelry has also been seen on famous musical legends. Some years ago, Jay-Z wore a gigantic  Panthère diamond ring at the event of Grammy Awards. Elton John has also sported a large Cartier’s Panthère ring on several occasions. Law Roach, the celebrity stylist, has also gushed about the Cartier’s Panthère pieces in his interviews.

Cartier was a wristwatchIn 1914, The first piece made by Cartier was a wristwatch covered in diamond and onyx spots. Since then, the Cartier style has still not lost its power of captivating people. Jeanne Toussiant was the daring and imaginative jewelry director of Cartier from 1933 to 1970. It was this woman who eternalized feline as the signature pet of Cartier.

Every year, Cartier introduces many new creative interpretations to keep the panther’s allure alive. This feline jewelry line of Cartier continues to fascinate their audiences. This fall, the Cartier’s boutiques will launch its remarkable Panthère de Cartier Graphique collection, it will feature minimalist and modern style. Other than the high quality, hand-carved, and precious Panthère jewelry pieces made with gems, the collection will also contain new Panthère eyewear, fragrances, watches, and accessories.

This is the time when individuals are looking for strength and symbolism. According to Pierre Rainero, Panthère is particularly relevant in this time, as it represents strength, permanence, and legacy.