The year 2022 is yet to start and Carlos Santana fans are getting upset already!

The American musician Carlos Santana canceled his concert for December 2021 due to an ‘unscheduled heart procedure.”

Recently Santana confirmed to his fans that he had canceled his upcoming shows in Las Vegas as he will be going through a heart procedure.

The Grammy award winner took to Twitter to update about his current condition, saying he “ would rest for a while until he was fit to perform in front of the public again”.

 Rolling Stone reported that the “Maria, Maria” singer was contracted to perform in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at the House of Blues on eight occasions for the month of December.

“As he recovers from an unplanned heart procedure, Santana has canceled all December 2021 shows at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. We’re excited to perform at the House Of Blues again in January 2022”  declared the singer in a video posted on rock icon’s Twitter handle. He also explained that he wants a short break, for now, to focus on his health.

“I simply wanted to give you some insight into what’s been going on with my body. There are some rumors flying around here about this and that, so I’m just here to clarify things. Last Saturday, I had an incident that required my wife to take me to the hospital since something was wrong with my chest “ said the singer.

The award-winning singer continued to say, “as a result when we arrived, we discovered that we needed to take care of it. So I’m going to take a break for a little while to refill, rest, and catch up on my health so that when I come back to perform for you, I can play like I used to. I’ll give you my absolute best. I hope you and your family are in excellent health and have a good sense of security.”

According to the reports received from Billboard, the fluent guitarist will go through an “unscheduled cardiac treatment,” however, further details regarding his condition are yet to determine.

“Carlos is doing wonderful and is looking forward to getting back on stage as soon as possible,” said Michael Vrionis, the CEO of the Universal Tone Management in a statement to a news outlet.

He really regrets that this ‘speed bump’ forced him to cancel his planned appearances”, he added.