CADILLAC, Mich. – Cancer survivor MacKale McGuire, who recently lost his leg, took the stage to star in Disney’s “High School Musical” performance making the most of his first chance after the pandemic to perform live.

“Here’s a cool story to start your Tuesday!

A Michigan high-school student, MacKale McGuire lost a leg to bone cancer, but still played the lead role in a play”, News10nbc Tweeted.

The high school celebrated its first live event after two years. Everyone was thrilled to gather again as the school was buzzed with songs and silliness before the event began.

While at this point, most expect to hear supporting words like, “Break a leg!”  MacKale McGuire responded with “I beat you to it” and a cheeky grin.

Coming from a man whose one leg was amputated four years ago due to a painful battle with osteosarcoma, “I’ve said it too many times, and now people just roll their eyes whenever they hear it,” said McGuire, laughing. “But I love doing it. It’s funny.”

Long story short, MacKale learned to stand again on his feet with a prosthetic leg and has immediately returned to playing golf and soccer. Not just that, he learned to ski with his one leg after getting inspired by winter Paralympics athletes.

Now on a winter night in his hometown school, MacKale was to perform across the stage as he took the role of Troy Bolton – a person like him who loves to sing. A show based on dancing and singing was not more than a challenge to him.

“I like to surprise people,” said the young boy whose story has been inspiring his small community.

Earlier, he started off as a manager for his hometown school’s soccer team and later began performing in school plays at his coach’s request.

“I just remember that first time and feeling the wind blow through my hair again,” said the boy. “… I was hooked from then on.”

MacKale plans to pursue a pediatric oncologist degree to help the other kids like him, “though sports management and theatre also are appealing”, he thinks.

For now, he is just enjoying his senior year and living the best moments of his life.

“This could be the start of something new. It feels so right to be here with you,” sang MacKale as Troy Bolton. He confidently performed on the stage with his prosthetic leg, which likely was ignored by the audience as they were having so much fun watching the show.