English rock and roll legend, Eric Clapton, recorded a new song against the lockdown. Unfortunately, the news did not sit well with many people. They were quick to call out the famous artist for not understanding the seriousness of the situation.

While Eric Clapton might be considered an icon for many, even such a status could not protect him from getting canceled by the leftists.

Cancel culture has become insanely popular. People are quickly ready to name, shame, and reject a person, an idea, or a theory at the first sign of evidence.

Eric Clapton spoke out against the government-imposed lockdown. He announced the plan to release an anti-lockdown song along with famous rock artist and icon Van Morrison.

The announcement was not appreciated by the liberals as they made their disapproval known. They brought up racist comments made by Clapton in the past to support their narrative.

In 1976, Eric Clapton had addressed the people present at his concert. He spoke of Great Britain and how it was supposed to stay a nation of white people only. He insisted that foreigners should be asked to leave the country. He also said that the country was getting too crowded with Arabs and Blacks, using derogatory slurs in his speech.

Later on, Eric Clapton profusely apologized for his comments that he described as racist and ignorant. In 2018, he explained that he was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.

He admitted that he should have never made such comments. His apology was pain-filled and seemed genuine, yet many liberals were left unconvinced.

According to Clapton and Morrison, the lockdown has deeply impacted music artists who need to play to survive. This is why they’ve chosen to raise money for struggling artists through the song.

The song ‘Stand and Deliver’ has been written by Morrison and will be sung by Clapton. Clapton stated that due to the lockdown, live music has suffered and it might never be the same.

His comments made him a target of many as they ‘canceled’ him. On the other side, many feel that Eric Clapton does not deserve to be shamed for his anti-lockdown opinion. Some also feel that he also does not deserve to be labeled a racist due to the comments he made years ago, as these are the same comments that Clapton previously apologized for.