You must be here to learn if your Snapchat score can shoot up without opening snaps.

Like other social media platforms, Snapchat has a loyal community that makes the app rank top on the Play Store and App Store. However, if you are a newbie who recently made an account on Snapchat and wondering how can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps, you can take help from us by reading this informative article which is specially designed for answering your query.

While most people already know how to make their Snapchat score go up, some questions still need to be answered. So in this guide, we will also answer other related questions.

Quick Answer: Yes, you can increase your score without opening others’ snaps. While it is possible to do so, we would suggest against it as it is not the best way to increase your score in a healthy way. Below we have suggested fast ways to increase your score.

What is Snapchat Score on Snapchat?

When you log in to your Snapchat account and tap the Bitmoji on the top left corner of your screen, you will see a specific score below the Snapchat icon. That score is called the Snap score.

One must wonder what this score means. The Snapchat score shows your in-app activity – how active you are on the app. Anyone on your friend list can view that score similarly. You can view your friend’s score. But the real question is where this score comes from.

Snapchat has not yet disclosed the underlying secret behind the snap score. However, the general idea is that the score shows the number of different snaps which you are sending and receiving along with the stories you uploaded, in addition to certain other factors.

To make it further easier for you to understand how this score builds up, we have done some calculations for your snap score breakdown, you can say.

  • Every snap you send or receive adds one solid point to your score. That said, sending a similar snap to different people would count as one score.
  • Uploading a story on your feed will add one point to your snap score.
  • When you log in to Snapchat after a while and send a snap to anyone on your friend list, it adds six points to your snap score.
  • Sending text messages and watching your own or others’ stories on Snapchat won’t add any points to your snap score.

This is just a general calculation, after adding up all these points, your snap score may still differ because several other hidden factors add points to your snap score, which are hidden from the users. However, adding new friends on Snapchat and maintaining streaks with multiple friends may also affect your snap score.

Can your Snapchat Score go up without Opening Snaps?

Since we need to figure this out to pen down this guide for you, we did a little experiment. We opened our Snapchat account and checked our current snap score. Then we returned to the chat box where we received and sent snaps and checked if we had any new snaps from a friend yet to open.

Fortunately, one of our friends recently sent a snap; we opened it and headed back to check the latest snap score. You would be glad to learn that our snap score was increased by one point.

Note If you immediately check the score, it might not show the updated number. However, it is suggested that after opening the snap, you close the app, open it again, and then check the score, as the app takes time to refresh the status of your snap score.

Factors that affect your Snapchat Score

While we have already talked about it, many other factors can impact your snap score. Let’s check out these factors and how they can increase your snap score.

Unopened Received Snaps

Know that your snap score will remain the same when you have too many unopened snaps in your chat box. And since snaps expire after 24 hours, you will lose your chance to build up your snap score by not opening those received snaps.

Your Unopened Snaps to your Friends

Surprisingly, your Snapchat score can be affected if your friends you sent snaps won’t open. More research is still needed in this area, but this has a certain impact (mostly bad) on your snap score. Therefore, try to send snaps to only those you know will open your snaps.

Adding Friends on Snapchat

Another possible factor that affects your snap score could be your friends or people on Snapchat who don’t add you back. When your Snapchat request gets accepted, it may affect your snap score.

Note: If you want to find out who has blocked you on Snapchat, check this guide.

Sending Snaps and not Receiving any in Return

Snap score is like a power game. It drastically increases when both the sender and the receiver exchange snaps on a regular basis. If you send snaps but do not receive much in return, your snap score will go up with the speed of a snail. Hence, you need to either maintain streaks or ask the person to send you snaps to increase your Snapchat score.

Can your Snapchat Score go Backward?

So far, we have only figured out how one can increase their Snapchat score. However, we didn’t realize there is another angle to it that is yet to be explored. Can your Snapchat score decrease?

Fortunately, the Snapchat score goes only in two directions; either it stays the same or increases. Your Snapchat score does not go down regardless of whether you don’t send or receive any snaps. But like we said above, your score will stay the same if you stay inactive; you have to become an active user if you wish to increase your snap score healthily.

Can you Check Someone else’s Snap Score?

Of course! Snapchat lets you check anyone’s score on its platform in the most convenient way.

  • Just open your Snapchat account
  • Type any of your friend’s names on the search bar and tap the result
  • You will see that person’s snap score right below their name.

Note You can only see the snap scores of the people added to your account. Snapchat does not let you check random users’ snap scores. If you really want to check their score, you must send a follow request to them. Once it is accepted, you can check their snap score by following the above instructions.

Can you Hide your Snap Score?

Yes, you can definitely hide your snap score. In fact, there are two ways to do that

Method 1

This method will help you hide your snap score from random users.

  • Log in to your account and head to your profile
  • Tap the gear icon to come into the setting section
  • Once you arrive at the settings, scroll down and look for ‘Privacy Controls’ section
  • Select ‘Contact me’
  • Choose ‘Friends’

Once you change your settings, only your friends will be able to see your snap score.

Method 2

This one is a drastic measure as it will require you to remove your friend from your Snapchat account.

  • Open your account and swipe right to open the chat list
  • Search for that person’s chat whom you don’t want to check your snap score
  • Tap the chat, then their name, and select the three dots on the top right corner
  • Select ‘Manage Friendship’
  • Tap ‘Remove Friend’

Doing so will remove that friend from your account, and that person will no longer be able to see your stories or snap score. For more details, check out this dedicated guide on how to hide your snap score on Snapchat.

How to Quickly increase your Snap Score?

Guess what? Increasing your snap score is the easiest thing to do on Snapchat. If you really want to increase your snap score, just send lots and lots of snaps to your friends, maintain streaks with multiple friends and upload stories often.

Also, don’t fall for third-party apps that claim to boost your score without any effort. Most of this software and platforms are just there to generate revenue from clicks and advertisements. They don’t work for real. In fact, they will gather your data by luring you into such things.

Here are a few tips to quickly increase your snap score

Send and Receive Lots of Snaps

The simplest way is to send and receive snaps regularly. While there is no set limit, ideally, you should send 20 to 25 static snaps for a good snap score. Also, try to engage with your friends on Snapchat by opening their snaps. This will encourage them to send you more snaps every day.

Upload and Watch Stories

Another way to increase your snap score is to upload your stories frequently and watch others’ stories. Frankly, sharing stories is more convenient than sending snaps, as you will update your entire friend list in just a single upload. Also, watch others’ stories as it will positively affect your snap score.

View Discovers Stories

The Discover tab that you see below the subscriptions stories section is there for nothing. It helps in finding videos of your interest. The more you spend time on the app discovering new content, your snap score increases. Also it also helps you engage with interesting content when you don’t have enough friends on Snapchat, or you find your friend’s stories boring.

See, that’s how easy it is to skyrocket your score on Snapchat. Literally, all you have to do is be active and spend more time on the app.

If you are interested in creating your dedicated public account on Snapchat as an influencer, here is a full guide on how to make a public profile on the app.

Does Snap Score go up by 1 per Snap?

One snap to a friend counts for one score. Similarly, opening snaps from a friend counts for one score. You don’t get any extra score on sending text messages or sharing images on chats.

If you send the same static snap to 3 different people, it will count for four scores. The more people you send snaps to, the greater the snap score will be.

Why does my Snap Score go up by 3?

If you instantly get three points added to your score, you are currently active on your Snapchat. There could be the following things that might have increased your snap score; You sent snaps to three people, opened three snaps, viewed three different person’s stories, or mixed and matched all three.

Is a 2 Million SNAP Score a Red Flag?

How could it be a red flag when a lot of people are dying to learn how to increase their snap score? Instead, it’s a big achievement. It shows how active you are on Snapchat and how much you interact with your friends and family on the app.


Can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps? For sure! If you follow all the tips mentioned above, your snap score will increase without needing you to open anyone’s snap. That said, if you want your snap score to grow fast, you must exchange snaps with your friends. Receiving snaps won’t be enough. You must open them to boost your score.