How would you feel if we say you can earn rewards for convenience? Can’t crack it? Well, we are talking about Apple Pay which lets you make card-less payments without losing on cash-back rewards. We are clarifying it because we have been getting a lot of questions like ‘can you get cash back with Apple Pay’ or how to use Apple Pay at ATM.

Keeping all these questions in mind, we finally decided to answer your question about can I get cash back with Apple Pay what other benefits you can get from using Apple pay. So let’s start exploring all that one by one.

Stores that give 3% cash back with Apple Pay ATM

  • Nike
  • T-Mobile
  • Walgreens
  • Panera Bread
  • Uber Eats
  • Exxon
  • Duane Reade
  • Mobil

Apple Pay is a payment solution introduced by Apple solely to work on their devices. The main purpose of introducing this technology was to move users away from taking their wallets everywhere they go and allowing them to pay for anything through their smartphone or iPhone, to be precise.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay Top Features

  • It lets you pay with an iPhone, iPad and an Apple watch conveniently at any time at any place.
  • It is enabled by NFC
  • It has a touch ID for secure payment
  • It is available in over 60 countries, including the United States
  • It is accepted in millions of retail stores worldwide
  • It is available on the web as well as in apps and on Mac

How to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone?

You can use Apple Pay in restaurants, retail and online stores, gas stations, taxis, and wherever! Though you need to add your debit/credit card to your Apple pay before start using it. Now you must be wondering how to set up Apple pay.

  • Go to the Wallet app on your iPhone
  • Tap ‘Add’ beside ‘add a credit or debit card to wallet’
  • Add your card information
  • Continue with the on-screen instruction

In a bit, you will be ready to use your card through Apple Pay. For more details like how to activate after setting up, can check this guide.

Pay with your iPhone

Now in order to pay for a purchase or access your card, follow these steps:

  • Open the Wallet app by providing your face ID
  • If you want to use another card, tap the default card, enter a new card and authenticate
  • Now bring your phone close to the contactless reader till you get the ‘Done’ notification on your display.

If you see that with a checkmark, means your payment has been made via Apple Pay.

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay?

So now, coming to the topic of your interest, let’s first calm you down. Yes, Apple Pay rewards you with cash backs incentives for using it at retailers. However, there is one condition, the store must accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

At the checkout counter, ask your cashier to bill you through Apple Pay to get cashback. Also, if that particular retailer doesn’t accept Apple Pay, you can withdraw some cash from ATM using Apple Pay.

Here is how you can withdraw money from ATM using Apple Pay:

  • Assuming that your Wallet already has the card you want to use at the ATM added. Find an ATM that has a contactless or Apple Pay symbol.
  • Open the Wallet and select the debit card
  • Tap your phone on the contactless symbol on the display
  • Verify your request via Face ID
  • Enter your card’s pin (if asked)
  • Follow the remaining on-screen instructions

How much cashback do you get from Apple Pay?

Apple offers 2% cash back on every purchase if you use Apple pay through an Apple card. In fact, anything you purchase from the Apple store will get you 2 to 3% cash back with other incentives like no platform fee, etc.

Can you get cash back with apple pay at Walmart?

By the first quarter of 2022, Walmart and Amazon confirmed not accepting Apple Pay or any payment made using NFC technology. That means Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay as well.

Does Target give cash back on purchases made using Apple Pay?

Fortunately, Target is one of the stores that give you around 3% cash back on every purchase made via Apple Pay.

How much cash back does CVS give on Apple Pay?

CVS definitely gives you cash back on using Apple Pay. However, there is a condition to it. In order to get cash back, you must have a Discord Card. With this, you can earn up to $120 cash back every 24 hours. For debit card holders, there is a cap of $35.

Does Walgreens accept Apple Pay?

Walgreens does take Apple Pay for payment option with a 3% cash back on your total purchase. In fact, there is no cap on any condition, like how many times you can get 3% cash back or the times you can use the card. So that means every time you make a purchase at Walgreens, you will be entitled to a 3% cash back.


All the places we have mentioned take Apple Pay for payment except for Walmart and Amazon. We are hoping to check them off the list soon in the coming years. But until then, you can enjoy your cash back incentives from other stores.