California – Home of an ex star of hit reality TV show “Real Housewives Of Orange County” became the center of attention for an alleged “felony crime

According to the reports, the Newport Beach police were called to the home late Tuesday night for an “alleged felony crime”. The house belonged to Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, a former star from the housewives’ franchise.

 According to the police, three suspects were barricaded inside the home who were later on arrested by the police. The initial investigation revealed that they had barricaded themselves in the house.

Investigation showed that one of the arrested suspects happens to be a former boyfriend of Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

According to the police, Elizabeth made the call herself to the police, reporting “a possible extortion.”

The ex-reality star was unharmed during the ordeal and was not taken as a hostage.

According to the details, the incident started approximately at 1:50 pm local time. police made it public close to 5 pm.

Police SWAT personnel were called who apprehended the suspects after the first suspect was arrested around 7:40 pm.

It is still unclear why the suspects barricaded themselves in the home or what was the nature of the crime they committed.

The property record did show that the house actually belonged to Elizabeth Lyn Vargas but the police did not confirm this piece of information.

The home which came under siege is a huge $5 million mansion and it appeared on Real Housewives of Orange County during the season in which Elizabeth took part.

Vargas was part of the 15th season. The 59-year-old took part in only one season of the hit reality show.