California – The couple who went missing on a hiking trail in August at the Sierra National Forest along with their 1-year-old child and pet dog were recovered near the Hite’s Cove in the forest.

According to the reports, the couple from California succumbed to death because of lack of water and exertion along with scorching heat.

John Gerrish and his wife Ellen Chung along with their one-year-old daughter Miju and the family dog were found dead near the hiking trail.

The couple and their daughter were reported missing by a family friend after they did not return from a hiking trip that was supposed to last 1 day.

All this time, their disappearance was linked to mysterious circumstances and theories such as exposure to toxic or poisonous gases, or homicide, etc.

Gerrish was working as a software engineer at Snapchat.

According to news reports, different investigators reached a conclusion that the death of the couple and their child was a result of a different “fatal combination” of “disastrous choices which resulted in tragedies.”

The bodies of the child, dog, and Gerrish were found close by. The search for the wife was continued and Chung’s body was discovered “on the upside of a hill” which was almost 13 feet higher and away from the rest of the family.

This particular hiking trail is known for its brutal and extreme weather in summers and apparently, the couple did not carry enough water with them.

One of the trainers of this trial stated that “the couple was caught off guard, and once they realized their situation, they died trying to save their child and each other.”

The trainer further continued “It is likely the child began to succumb first, which hurried the parents’ efforts up the hill. When one could no longer continue, they stayed behind to care for the child and pet, while the other tried to forge on and get help for their loved ones. It is a tragedy of the highest order.”