California – Three Highway Patrol officers were wounded after a suspected drunk driver slammed her 4-wheeler into their vehicle on an LA-area freeway, causing it to explode into flames, reported on Thursday.

“A woman suspected of driving under the influence was arrested after a fiery crash on the 105 Freeway left three California Highway Patrol officers and one civilian hurt in Downey early Thursday morning, authorities said,” Fox 11 Los Angeles Tweeted.

The incident was captured in the video retrieved by the officials. As per the California police reporting, the officials were probing a crash at around midnight along the 105 Freeway and had closed the area with flares. Almost 90 minutes later, an SUV arrived right through the flares and crashed into the backside of the patrol car parked on the freeway.

As described by the reporters, when the SUV hit the vehicle’s back, it spun clockwise and hit one CHP officer standing outside. Authorities said the officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Right after the crash, the patrol car caught fire with two officers sitting inside. A CHP officer and a Samaritan instantly ran towards the car and pulled the officers out just before the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames, Fox News reported.

The news station further reported that another “good Samaritan” pulled the other officer who was hit by the car spin away from the flames.

“I applaud those good Samaritans for their courage to step up and then come in and help our officer getting out of the car that was fully engulfed. Kudos to them,” said CHP Officer Kevin Tao.

As of recent reports, the two officers who were pulled out of the vehicle suffered moderate injuries. They, along with the third officer, were taken to a nearby hospital.

Police have identified the suspect as 41-year-old Lakia Jackson and taken her into custody. Eye-witnesses to the incident said they saw the woman speeding up “95 miles per hour” before hitting the patrol car. CHP officials said they expect the woman to be driving under the influence