Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that California will be lifting the stay-at-home order across the state but will keep on monitoring the health and pandemic situation. The announcement was made in the wake of a marked decline in the number of coronavirus cases.

Governor Gavin Newsom further stated that the state hospitals have seen a decrease in the cases being reported, nearly by 20%.

The lifting of the stay-at-home orders means that people will be allowed to dine out in restaurants, in limited numbers, and engage themselves in small gatherings. The state is also planning to lift the curfew.

The stay-at-home order was imposed in December when the coronavirus had affected a large population in California, which resulted in an acute shortage of space in ICUs. The order was put across southern California which comprises about 60% of the state’s population.

The decision was welcomed by all, in midst of the looming shadows of the pandemic. California has more than 3.1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases with a staggering 36,790 deaths.

The Public Health Director Dr. Tomas Aragon backed the governor’s decision, but claimed that COVID-19 is still here, and still deadly – but with our collective actions – we can save the lives of common people and come out victorious from this critical phase of our times.