The wildfires in California have burnt down the houses of so many people into ashes. This unfortunate incident disrupted the community’s residential area and got laid out cowling the West Coast.

Governor Gavin Newsom and Senator Kamala Harris went on an official survey around the fire-affected area to look over the destruction. They stopped across the area which had the ruins of a burnt down residence to give a closer look at it.

According to Kamala Harris, the entire area was badly ruined. The residence that they stopped by was all burnt down except the house chimney. The disrupted house looked like a barren old land with tombstones.

Kamala Harris posted a photo of the demolished residence on her official Twitter account along with a description. According to the photo-description, Kamala told how she went with the governor to look over the fire disruptions and how devastated she is to see the suffered areas. Furthermore, she thanked and appreciated the firefighters who came to deal with the situation.

After the Twitter post made by Kamala got viral, Trampas Patten, the son of the house owners, came forward with a social media post saying that how disappointed and frustrated their family feels after seeing the photo of their burnt residence on social media.

According to Patten, the two politicians unfairly used the picture of his parent’s burnt residence to uplift and propagate their political agenda. Furthermore, the family itself is not yet allowed to visit the residence after the evacuation orders were passed. So it was extremely unethical and illegal for the politicians to go and take photos of that place.

According to the latest reports, it was found that Trampas Patten’s sister, Bailee Patten, had not even seen the condition of their destroyed house. It was the first time for her to see the residence through Kamala’s Twitter post. The whole situation was truly traumatic for her.

Kamala Harris and Newsom were accused of using a grave loss of a family by showcasing it on social media. News agencies tried gathering the views of Harris and Newsom but nothing could be recorded until now. The spokesperson of Kamala refused to make any comment on the situation.