Want to upgrade your closet now? Team up now with California Closets that offers you to design and build out a custom closet room. Indeed, storage spaces are the essentials of your home. Without proper closets, a house is considered incomplete. A lot of people prefer designing and building customized closets in their homes according to their needs which are more functional and easier to use as compared to the standard closets.

California closet style is one of the most highly demanded custom closet styles which offers you a market competitive prices. The California Closets pricing range varies largely upon the features which can be added/less according to the customer’s requirement. Let’s explore more about  California Closets pricing range.

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What is a California closet?

What is the California Closets pricing range?

What kind of closets do they offer?

Reach-in customized closets:

Free-standing closet:

Built-in closet:

Walk-in closet:

 Final Verdict:

What is a California closet?

California closets are one of the leading manufacturers of customized closets and storage spaces for homes and condos. The company also deals in various storage products that best suit your desired needs in terms of design. It was founded in 1978 and since then has been considered a pioneer in terms of providing storage spaces.

What is the California Closets pricing range?

The average price of a customized closet starts from as low as $500 and goes up to $5000 depending upon the features and the type of material. There are other options available as well to have customized closet shelving kits instead of a complete customized closet.

The closets can be as big as 20 plus feet depending upon the furniture, the organization compartments, shelves, and drawers, etc. The closet space also at times includes dedicated closet island spaces.

What kind of closets do they offer?

There are various kinds of closets available for you to select from. You can choose whichever fulfills your requirements. Some of the custom closets types are:

Reach-in customized closets

A reach-in closet is one that has dedicated compartments for all kinds of clothing and essentials in the form of hanging long shelves, drawers for regular clothes, and a dedicated space for shoes and all kinds of footwear. A reach-in closet is considered to be the easiest type of closet as you can decide what to wear as everything is visible at first glance.

A reach-in closet style takes about $500 to approximately $1500 to get installed and renovated.

This closet option is known to be very useful as well as functional for homes that are squeezed in terms of space. This is also a budget-friendly closet option so all those people who are tight on the pocket opt for this option.

Free-standing closet

A free-standing closet is termed as a closed enclave where everything is located inside the dedicated wardrobe space. The starting price of a free-standing closet is $1000 and it can go to $3000, largely depending upon the furniture and the material used for the construction of the closet as well as the design details.

People who are tight on space and do not have enough margin to have a walk-in closet choose this style of wardrobe and storage. These customized closets are termed better than the off-the-shelf closets as they can be designed according to the space available as well as the spacing can be partitioned according to the need.

Built-in closet

A built-in closet is one that is built-in and installed inside concave dedicated storage space. The built-in closets are very similar to the reach-in closets but the main difference is that they offer a hanging facility for the clothes in terms of rods, shelves, and other compartments built inside the dedicated storage space.

A customized built-in closet can be made for as low as $1000 and the price can go all the way up to $2500. A customized built-in closet may cost you more than a normal customized closet because of the additional renovation and labor charges which are required to install the closet in the confined space.

There are various designs and variations available in the market which can provide you more options to utilize maximum space within your given dimensions.

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet is like a dream come true closet with an ample amount of space and dedicated separate confined spaces for all the wardrobe articles. Walk-in space is also considered a luxurious closet as it gives you the luxury of choosing and selecting and dressing up in front of the mirrors while staying within your closet.

The price range of walk-in closets largely depends upon the material used. As mentioned above, it is considered to be a luxury closet, therefore, high-quality premium material according to the taste of the customer makes the end product more expensive.

Usually, the cost of a walk-in closet starts from $2500 and goes higher to about $20,000 depending upon the size and material used.

A walk-in closet can become affordable with the usage of pine or wire shelving but if you are looking for a closet to last you a lifetime, it is advised not to compromise on the materials.

Final Verdict:

It is next to impossible to determine how much a closet from California Closets will cost. California Closets price range varies according to the designs and material, therefore, it is advisable to get a design consultation before opting for a particular design that also comes within your budget. California closet provides after-sale services as well so you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear in the customized closets over the passage of time.