California – Three different climbing incidents at Mt. Shasta results in the death of one hiker and four others injured.

The four climbers who were injured were airlifted to nearby hospitals on Monday.

The fifth climber was located by the helicopter and was later on shifted to the hospital as well.

One of the climbers succumbed to his injuries. The identity of the deceased climber was not released.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s office stated that there was also a woman climber also. The woman was tethered into a couple as she was guiding up on the mountain. That is when one of the climbers lost their balance and fell taking the other three as well. The female climber is yet to be rescued.

One of the eyewitnesses stated that one of the climbers fell from approximately 1000 feet. The identification of the climbers will be released publicly after the notification from the next of kin.

Public information office Courtney Kreider along with the sheriff’s office stated that all the airlifted climbers are suffering from “obvious severe injuries.”

According to the sheriff’s office as soon as the first call was made, the first rescue was executed around 8:39 am. In the first attempt, three climbers were rescued including one injured who is said to be in critical condition. One of the rescued climbers suffered from a severed ankle whereas the last one had died before he could be rescued by the team.

The second rescue attempt was made in a different incident in which an injured climber was rescued and is listed in severely critical condition.

As for the latest news, the injured female climber still needs to be located and a helicopter is attempting to rescue her.

Mount Shasta is a volcanic mountain located in the Cascade Range that is said to be active – potentially. It has an elevation of 14,179 feet and is considered as the second-highest peak in the range.

According to the reports, the climbers who had returned from the avalanche gulch trail reported poor visibility conditions because of the fresh snow that turned into ice overnight. According to the eyewitness, a 7000-vertical-foot was exposed to the climbers which were engulfed entirely with ice and snow along with rocks falling and extreme weather conditions.