Xbox Series X Console, which is Microsoft’s newly launched top gaming console has been short in the market since its launch. Right now, it is one of the most difficult products to find in the world of electronics, along with PS5 and several computer video cards.

On Tuesday, the 20th of April, the social media team from had tweeted that a substantial quantity of Xbox Series X consoles would be made available for online purchase on their website by Wednesday morning. On the 21st of April, at 7:30 a.m. PT, when people attempted to visit the site, it was found to be having a few glitches. However, after some attempts the website became operational and users were able to verify the availability of Xbox Series X consoles on

However, the purchase on is to be made through the Xbox All Access Program. This means that instead of purchasing the console itself, you will have to get a subscription which would cost $35 a month for 2 years (subject to credit approval). In this plan, along with the console, the buyer also gets 2 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which if purchased separately costs $15 a month. This subscription, which is inclusive of Xbox Live Gold and EA Play, enables one to get unlimited access to 100 games including the likes of Doom Eternal, GTA V, Outriders, and many more popular ones.

This means that after 2 years you would have paid a total amount of $840 for complete ownership of the console and 2 year’s access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Though this amount may seem a lot, if you had purchased these 2 items individually you would have incurred a whopping cost of $860 ($500 for the console and $360 for the 2 year’s access to Game Pass Ultimate). It is also important to highlight that this does not include the savings you would make by not making these purchases on a regular credit card as this offer includes a 0% APR interest rate.

To sum it all up, if you are purchasing an Xbox Series X with the intention of gaming past the single-player CDs, you can get a lot of value from Game Pass Ultimate. If that is your intention, then the deal offered by GameStop is a win-win for you. However, if you just want to purchase an Xbox Series Console without any access to Game Pass Ultimate then you may check out restock options at other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc.