Florida tailor makes face masks for coronavirus frontline workers

A Tailor from Florida makes face masks for Coronavirus workers and community

The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to many hardships for hospitals and front line workers. One of these being the shortages of PPE equipment hospitals are facing for...
IMF says half the world has asked for a bailout

Imf says almost half of the world economies have asked for a bailout

Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in financial constraints that have far-reaching effects in all countries across the world. According to a statement by the International Monetary Fund, more than half...
What US bank results can tell us about the pandemic impact

U.s. bank results tell us about pandemic impact on economy

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting a lot of human life aspects and one of them is trade. The economies of even the most powerful countries have been destroyed completely. Millions...
SoftBank warns of historic loss as value of tech startups collapses

Softbank warns about a historic loss as the value of the tech startups collapsing

SoftBank is one of the topmost investment companies in the entire World which has invested in a lot of big projects. These big projects include Uber, Slack, ARM, and...
Local businesses across the country are changing the ways they operate to stay afloat

After pandemic local businesses are changing the ways they used to operate

The coronavirus pandemic has caused absolute havoc in the life of earthlings. There is an evident chance that things might never get back to the way they were. Although the...
Cheap oil isn't going away, even after record production cuts

Cheap oil not going away, even after the production cuts

The oil industries in the U.S and many other countries have gone through major losses ever since the coronavirus hit. This is due to the massive decrease in travel as...
Trump talks about reopening the US amid coronavirus fight

Trump talks about reopening amid the virus take a toll on the economy, way...

Considering the massive economic damage that has taken place as a result of the pandemic, President Trump is leaning more towards the idea of opening the country back. With 16...